2007 Razor Walker Award Winners

Photo of Walter Anderson

Walter C. Anderson

"Mr. Anderson began coming to my fourth grade classroom 15 years ago. Although he is an octogenarian, he serves three hours every day as a tutor, mentor and friend to 10-year-olds who love him dearly."

Anderson, a retired engineer, became involved as a school volunteer after a teacher asked if she could bring her class to visit his garden. Since then, he has spent a large portion of every weekday with students at Southport Elementary School, missing just one week. He missed the children so much that he had his driver take him by the school to visit on his way home from the hospital.

Photo of George M. Koseruba

George M. Koseruba, M.D.

"One of the longest-serving pediatricians in the area, Dr. Koseruba covered on-call duties in the emergency room for sick children for years, often uncompensated. He continued an office practice into his 80s in order to serve children with Medicaid."

When Koseruba arrived in Wilmington in 1939, babies were routinely dying from diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox, scarlet fever, tetanus and jaundice. When vaccines became available in the early 1940s, he worked with the New Hanover County Health Department to set up clinics to provide infant care and immunizations for children from poor families. Those "well baby clinics" are still in operation today.

Photo of Elsie Leak

Elsie C. Leak

"Dr. Leak learned early on that education is the key to leading a productive life and she has worked tenaciously to ensure this vision is imparted to all of North Carolina's 1.3 million students."

As associate superintendent for curriculum and school reform for the state Department of Public Instruction, Leak has influenced innovative delivery of instruction, worked to improve existing programs and fought to close the achievement gaps for all North Carolina students. She sets an example of showing care, concern and responsiveness to the academic needs of all students, in particular minority students and students of poverty.

Photo of Millie Ravenel

Millie Ravenel

"An important focus for Millie is helping students gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives they need to succeed in the global marketplace. She also understands the importance of creating global teachers, who have a great influence on the global awareness of our youth."

Ravenel founded the North Carolina Center for International Understanding at UNC Chapel Hill nearly 30 years ago. Since 2002, the center has coordinated the statewide K-12 global education movement, North Carolina in the World. Through her efforts, more than 8,000 North Carolinians have visited 47 different countries as part of the center's international programs.

Photo of Robyn Render

Robyn R. Render

"Robyn's visionary accomplishments throughout her professional life have greatly impacted the world of education. She has linked the connection between technology and teaching, benefiting the young people of our state, now and in the future."

As vice president for information resources and CIO of the UNC system, Render works tirelessly to ensure that all of the state's university students are prepared to embrace the challenges of living in a diverse, global, highly technological community. She has positioned the state to attract, develop and retain the best young people to become world-class leaders.

Photo of Jim Wallace

Corporate Award: Intracoastal Realty

"The Intracoastal Realty Teacher's Fund provides funds that enable educators to enrich instruction, purchase necessary equipment and buy supplemental resources needed for a successful educational community."

James Wallace, founder and CEO of Intracoastal Realty, launched the non-profit Teacher's Fund in 2005 to award grants to public and private elementary school teachers to purchase education materials for their classrooms. Since then, the fund has awarded more than $83,000 to 301 classrooms, enriching the educational experience of more than 32,500 children in Pender, Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

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