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Our office is here to assist you with your application for a North Carolina teaching license. At the completion of your program, we provide instructions for applying for your initial license as well as adding or upgrading your current license.

Effective fall 2015, NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has moved to a fully online licensure application system. My office will provide you with detailed instructions for the online process including instructions for having your application routed to UNCW for approval. Once my office electronically receives a completed application, we will then verify completion of your program and licensure requirements and submit it to DPI. Once the application has been electronically submitted, you will be able to view the status of your application by logging in to your account. Once DPI has issued your new license, you will be able to open and print your license from the online account.

Licensure Exam Policy CHANGE for SED-GC and Elem Ed Candidates:

The North Carolina Board of Education passed an adjustment to policy LICN-003 which makes the following changes to the testing requirements for Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education-GC candidates effective April 6, 2019.

  1. In addition to the Pearson Test 203 Mathematics Subtest, the Praxis Test 7813 – CKT Math Subtest was approved to fulfill the math subtest licensure requirement.
  2. The Pearson Test 103 – Multisubject Subtest is no longer a requirement for an elementary education or Special Education-GC license.
NCEL test information: (required for SED-GC and Elementary Ed only)

*note website is not updated yet, Multi-subject Exam is not required

Required state licensure exams for Elementary and Special Education general candidates*:

  • Foundations of Reading - SA 090
  • General Curriculum - Math SA 203 OR Praxis II CKT Math Subtest - 7813

 Praxis II test code information:

 *Please note: NC DPI policy states that, effective, July 1, 2016, candidates may be recommended for licensure prior to passing these exams.  Candidates must attempt the exams in their first year of teaching and pass the exams before or during their second year of teaching.  The Watson College of Education strongly recommends that our candidates pass all required exams prior to applying for initial licensure.


Licensure Application Instructions for Language and Literacy Candidates


Watson College of Education Licensure Contact:

Ms. Logan McKnight
Internship and Licensure Coordinator