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The Office of Professional Experiences strives to make high quality placements for Watson College of Education students in a variety of supportive, professional settings during their education program. This process includes a commitment to diversity through the placement process and in our work with outstanding, experienced partnership teachers and administrators who support and guide students with intentionality in a professional and productive manner. In addition to the field placements, the Office of Professional Experiences puts forth great care and attention in considering course requirements and student needs in partner schools and districts as students progress from field experience to licensure.

 Our continuing goal is to provide professional experiences which foster the development of competent professionals to serve in leadership positions. This website provides access to information, forms, policies and procedures related to the variety of professional experiences provided by the Watson College of Education.

School Partners

  • Collaborate daily with Professional Development System school and community partners to facilitate placements
  • Provide a high level of support and assistance to students, partners and faculty in Watson College of Education programs

Field Experiences

  • Coordinate and arrange field experiences for all Watson College of Education initial licensure students each semester
  • Collect field experience applications, visit classes to clarify expectations, meet with faculty and students to assist with process, questions, concerns
  • Execute field experience evaluations, collect and disseminate data to faculty


  • Coordinate and supervise teacher internships and placements for all initial licensure programs in Watson College of Education
  • Facilitate internship application process and meetings, collect internship applications, plan placement meetings with partners, coordinate supervision with departments
  • Provide training and support for Watson College of Education internship supervisors

Out of Area Placements

  • Coordinate affiliation agreements and placements for field experience and internships in non-partnership schools

Lateral Entry Teachers and School Employees Support

  • Assist lateral entry, current teachers, and teacher assistants in completion of Watson College of Education program requirements and coursework


  • Serve as licensure officer for undergraduate, licensure-only, lateral entry, graduate and faculty licensure applicants
  •  Provides licensure renewal support for faculty and students

Background check process

  • Coordinate and review formal background check process for all field experience students and initial licensure interns, including EDL interns

Manage data

  • Maintain database, student records, faculty requirements, reports and accreditation data