Professional Development System

PDS Principals

PDS School Principals are an integral part of the school-university partnership. Principals see the work of the partnership as a key component of the school and see his/her school as an integral part of WCE teacher education programs. PDS School Principals designate a school Site Coordinator who works as an extension of WCE faculty. Principals work with Site Coordinators to recommend new partnership teachers, as well as potential field placements for WCE students. PDS School principals empower faculty, promote the PDS Model, and are open to working alongside WCE faculty to meet the unique needs of his/her school by joining in ongoing PDS initiatives throughout the year. In addition, PDS principals share annual goals and school-based needs via the PDS School Needs Assessment, PDS Principal Meetings, and via additional PDS collaborative opportunities.

Application for PDS Partnership Site
Schools that are interested in collaborating with UNCW and the Watson College of Education via our PDS School-University Partnership should review and submit the application below. Along with your completed Site Application, please submit an introductory letter of interest and a 1-2 page overview of the school's mission, vision, and values along with relevant demographics, assessment data, and/or current school initiatives that will help the committee better understand the school setting and context for learning and practice. Applications are reviewed once per semester by the PDS School Site Application Committee using the PDS School Site Application Rubric. Schools whose application meets requirements will be contacted regarding next steps in the application process.

PDS Site Application 

Recommendation of Partnership Teachers
PDS Partnership Teachers are referred by the PDS Site Coordinator and Principal of their school using the reference link in our Collaborative Portal. To review the criteria for recommending a Partnership Teacher click here.  To recommend a Partnership Teacher, please access the Portal using the link below. Once you have entered the Portal, choose the School Planning tab to access the recommendation link.  

edTPA Support for School Leaders
The edTPA is a performance-based assessment teacher candidates complete during their student teaching, which was designed by the Stanford Center for Learning and Assessment Equity (SCALE) and is currently being used in 35 states, as well as the District of Columbia as a summative assessment of teacher preparation.  It consists of three tasks which align with one cycle of instruction in which teacher candidates plan 3-5 lessons (Task 1:  Planning), video record themselves teaching those 3-5 lessons (Task 2: Instruction), and analyze student work (Task 3: Assessment).  For each of the three tasks, candidates write commentaries to support and justify their planning decisions (Task 1), analyze their teaching (Task 2) and use data to inform instruction (Task 3). For additional information regarding edTPA, please use the links below.

edTPA Support for School Leaders
Partnership Teacher and Supervisor Support

Advertise a Volunteer or Employment Opportunity
The Watson College of Education Office of Student Advising and Integrated Leadership provides school and community partners with the opporutunity to post volunteer and employment opportunities that we be accessible to our Watson students and alumni. To post information about your school's volunteer or employment opporutnity visit the SAIL website and use the links on the right side of the homepage.
PDS Collaborative Portal
The WCE Collaborative Portal serves as the “go-to site” to retrieve all information, materials, and tools teachers will need to perform tasks efficiently and effectively as PDS Principals. Principals can access the Collaborative Portal using the link below. If you do not know your username and password, please use the “Forgot” link on the sign in page to retrieve this information using your professional school email.

Link to Collaborative Portal

Portal Tutorial