Professional Development System

Caroline Kemmerer

Caroline Kemmerer is a passionate fourth grade teacher who believes that lifelong learning is the key to success.  Caroline is a 2014 graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. She has been a fourth-grade teacher for five years, teaching at College Park Elementary and Holly Tree Elementary in NHCS. Early in her career, Caroline and Dr. Lisa Buchanan created a one-of-a-kind partnership where the focus was fostering relationships between future teachers and current elementary students.  Caroline implemented the program in her fourth-grade classroom with historical fiction novel studies, pen-pal letter writing, and innovative STEAM activities. This program has flourished and has impacted over 200 students.  Caroline presented at UNCW's PDS School-University Partnership Summit in 2017 where she was able to share her success with this collaboration. Caroline co-authored an article that was featured in Social Studies and the Young Learner Magazine, highlighting her research and application of the novel Blue in the classroom.

Caroline believes that all students have the capacity to learn, it is through teachers innovate plans, engaging lessons, and nurturing delivery that students are able to sustain academic and personal growth. In her own classroom, she teaches in a way that gives students an opportunity to collaborate, show creativity, be imaginative, build higher order thinking inquiry skills, and develop 21st century skills.  She creates a comfortable, positive environment where students are given opportunities to not only master content specific subject areas, but also learn character building, compassion and life skills.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Caroline is a UNCW Field Experience Partnership Teacher and Mentor.  She is highly respected by students, parents and colleagues for her poise, love of learning and drive to achieve greatness inside and outside the classroom. Participating in the Master Teacher program will give Caroline the platform to continue to mentor BT's, train future and current teachers, and build a repertoire of best practices for classroom teachers.