Professional Development System

Jennifer Choate

Jennifer Choate is a Literacy and Reading Language Arts National Board Certified Teacher who received her Bachelor's degree from the Watson School of Education at UNCW. She is the winner of the 2018 Daughters of the American Revolution National Helen Pouch Memorial Grant. During her career, she has taught students ranging from preschool to eighth grade which has provided her with a broader perspective for the necessity of vertical planning.

Jennifer's passion is to give her students a great education regardless of learning gaps.  Jennifer maintains high expectations for both herself and her students. As a reflective practitioner, Jennifer acknowledges where she as an educator needs to improve and takes steps to broaden her teaching repertoire. She confronts the brutal facts about students' learning gaps but maintains faith that students will learn what they need to; no matter the obstacles. Jennifer works diligently to build a learning environment that supports and encourages her students to feel comfortable and safe as they focus on improving their individual skills. Her students are giving the opportunity daily to think critically and creatively in an environment that is safe to take risks, encouraging and inspiring. Jennifer involves her students in a variety of project based and digital learning activities that provide them with opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another.

As Jennifer continues her own educational journey, her goal is to learn more about innovative data collection that will provide her colleagues and peers with the opportunity to have dialogue that produces wiser professional decisions, improved curriculum and instruction and builds teacher commitment.