Professional Development System

Master Teachers

The PDS Master Teacher initiative is designed to recognize teachers in our partnership schools who have demonstrated excellence in teaching. These teachers will receive 30 hours of professional development and will work closely with our academic programs to impact their instruction and student learning. This is a three-year appointment.

2022-2025 Cohort 4 PDS Master Teacher Nomination Packet

Inspire, Motivate, Enlighten

The Mission of the Master Teacher Program

The mission of the master teacher program is to collaborate with professional educators to reflect on practices and impact the educational environment by:

  • Creating a safe, comfortable and caring environment where all children can learn.
  • Making decisions based on what is best for all students.
  • Engaging children in interesting and meaningful ways
  • Fostering the "whole" child to build connections that address their social, emotional and physical needs.
  • Reflecting on current and past practices to continually improve the learner's experience.

Believing that all students can learn, MASTER Teachers provide:

  • Opportunity - to learn, explore, face challenges
  • Inspiration - to create, design, discover
  • Encouragement - to try again, do their best, do it better, work harder, never-give-up
  • Connections - to the world beyond the classroom and community
  • Nurturing-Relationship - a caring adult
  • Cooperative engagement - to work with peers, challenge others, evaluate learning

Master Teacher Archives

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