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December 2010, Volume 6 


A Message from Dr. Susan Catapano, PDS Director...

I hope this message finds everyone in good spirits and looking forward to a restful holiday break.  We have a record number of interns placed for the spring semester-over 280!  Thank you all for your hard work to help place our interns.

We are excited to provide support to you via our online Orientation Training and Extended Preparation.  For more information on both, see the box to your left and below.

Please take a minute to view the blog under Highlights (to your left, at the bottom of the page).  It is a great story to share with your teachers.

Happy New Year!

Requirements for Partnership Teachers Hosting a Spring 2011 Intern...

Teachers hosting a Spring 2011 WCE teacher intern must have completed the PDS Orientation Training and Extended Internship Preparation before the start of the internship. 

The Orientation Training is a program that teachers only need to complete once as a requirement in joining the PDS partnership.  The training is developed to orient partners to the goals and objectives of the PDS and to provide an understanding of the learning-centered model of coaching.  Previously, this training was structured as an all day in-person program.  It is now offered online to give teachers the flexibility to do at their convenience.  A certificate for 10 hours (1 CEU) of professional development is issued upon completion.

The Extended Internship Preparation is to be done before the start of every semester that a teacher hosts an intern.  Information is provided to update and assist teachers in mentoring their interns through the intern practicum semester.  Previously, this training was structured as a two hour in-person program.  It is now also offered online.  An e-mail will be sent to your teachers who will be hosting a Spring 2011 intern along with a copy to their site coordinators with instructions on accessing these materials. 

Please check with your teachers who are hosting a Spring 2011 teacher intern to be sure that they fulfill the above requirements. 

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Congratulations Site Coordinator/Partnership Teacher, Karen Baker!

Karen Baker

The Fall WCE 2010 Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award Recipient....Karen Baker, ILT Coordinator/Math Coach from Belville Elementary School, Brunswick County.

The Teacher Recognition Award was established in 2008 in memory of Dr. Roy E. Harkin who served as the chair of the Education Department at UNCW from 1976 to 1979.  In 1979 the department became the School of Education, and Dr. Harkin was named as the first Dean.  He served as Dean until 1991.

The award is designed to recognize a public school teacher who has contributed to the preparation of future teachers by demonstrating excellence as a partnership teacher and/or site coordinator.  The award is rotated each semester to a different PDS School System.  This fall Brunswick County was selected for receiving this award.  A university/district team reviewed nominations and selected a recipient.

In her role as PDS partnership teacher/site coordinator Karen's principal shares, Karen "ignites a fire for learning, not only with students, but with other educators as well.  She is able to develop a level of trust with teachers and is able to introduce new ideas and approaches that benefit our students at every level."

At the WCE Holiday Festival on December 2, Ms. Baker was named as the Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award winner.  She received a certificate of recognition and an award of $150 for purchase of classroom supplies.  Ms. Baker's name will be added to the Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award plaque located in the atrium of the education building.

International Opportunity for Educators!

The inaugural Toyota International Teacher Program to South Africa will take place July 24 - August 10, 2011. Grades 7-12 full-time classroom teachers of all subjects and librarians are invited to submit an application by the deadline of January 23, 2011.  This is a fully-funded international professional development program by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. and administered by the Institute of International Education.

Teachers will be provided with first-hand exposure to the social and environmental complexity of South Africa, focusing on sustainable development and emphasizing the links between history, culture, power, and the environment.  They will explore the country's natural and cultural diversity through a range of site visits and hands-on activities.  For additional information, visit their website at

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WCE Collaborative Portal...Available in January!

The Watson College of Education Collaborative Portal will be available in January to all collaborators.  This portal will be a gateway to multiple types of information.

Users will login in to the portal using their unique user name and password.  If they do not remember this information, they can utilize the "Forget your password or user name" feature to obtain. Once on the portal, they will be taken to their "Homepage" which displays information available to all users as well as information that is specific to each individual's role within the portal.

More information to follow!

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“Too often, we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” –Roger Lewin