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November 2009


·         Professional Learning Day Conference Participants

·         Fall 2009 Site Coordinator Forms Due November 24, 2009

·         Upcoming PDS Events

·         Site Seminar Tips

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Reminder! 10/16/09 Professional Learning Day Conference Participants

(For Site Coordinators to share with teachers currently hosting fall interns in their school.)

Follow-up assignment to earn 1CEU

Due December 18, 2009...see website

Fall 2009 Site Coordinator Forms Due November 24, 2009

Fax (910-962-7400) Thinking Framework for Reflective Site Seminars forms for two reflective seminars and PDS Site Seminar Survey forms by Tuesday, November 24.

Forms available at Current Participants, Site Coordinators on PDS web site.

Upcoming PDS Events

12/1/09 Brunswick Extended Training,
3:45pm 5:00pm @ Town Creek Elem
(Belville, VA Williamson, Leland MS)

12/3/09 Pender Middle School Extended Training,
3:45pm 5:00pm @ Topsail Middle

12/7/09 Onslow Extended Training
3:30pm-5:30pm @ Central Office
(Carolina Forest, Richlands, Southwest El, Parkwood El)

12/10/09 Camp Lejeune Extended Training,
3:45pm 5:30pm @ Central Office
(Brewster Middle, Johnson, TT II)

Site Seminar Tips

Looking for great ideas for Site Seminars to encourage interns to make classrooms more student-centered utilizing higher thinking skills? Here are a series of fantastic ideas from Inspiring Teachers columnist Jeri Asaro for you to help interns and teachers add to their tool box of classroom activities!

Use a Jigsaw strategy to have interns pair up and discuss 2-3 Great Active Learning Strategies from the below site and then teach their strategies to the rest of the interns. Reflect on how these strategies promote HOTS!

Great Active Learning Strategies

Diane Calhoun, PDS Director
UNC Wilmington
Watson College of Education
601 South college Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5991
Tel: 910-962-7244
Fax: 910-962-7400


Coaching Connections& Just For You!

We are very excited about Coaching Connections, our newly designed email newsletter for Site Coordinators! We feel that this regular communication will strengthen our partnership and provide you with important information that will make your role easier. We welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions or information that needs to be shared, please let us know. We want this to be a way to support you and say thank you for all you do!

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Welcome Diana Mintz, PDS Professional Support

Diana Mintz will be joining the PDS department in the role of PDS Professional Support. She has many years of experience in the field of education as teacher, curriculum supervisor, administrator, and university supervisor for teacher interns. As a principal, she worked closely with the Watson College and PDS to encourage her teachers to embrace the coaching model and become highly trained in the coaching process through graduate level courses. She is very familiar with the process and how to work with site coordinators, partnership teachers and interns through her years of supervising interns.

Diana will be working with site coordinators in a support role. She will be your contact person, provider of information and sounding board. She will provide site coordinators quick and easy ways to discuss seminar ideas and suggestions for solving problems and also provide gentle reminders of upcoming due dates and events.

We are hoping that this position will give you the outlet you need to gain information that will make your job less stressful and more successful. Diana can be reached via email, She and I will work closely together as a support team for your role. WELCOME Diana!

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PDS Web Site& Your On-line Connection!

The PDS web site can be a great asset to your role as site coordinator! Let us know if there is more that we might include. The link to our PDS web site:

Section Highlights: Click on links going down the left side of main page to be directed to that section of information.

* Current Participants: Access materials relating specifically to a PDS role (partnership teacher, site coordinator, administrator, supervisor & WCE faculty, system key contact). Select a role and enter User name: pds; Password: participants.

* News & Events: Listing of upcoming PDS events including training dates, professional learning days, and awards as well as various calendars (PDS events calendar, university and school system combined calendar, school calendars, testing calendars).

* PDS Partners: Directions to partner sites (schools & central offices) and listing of districts and schools, key contacts, principals and site coordinators, and district superintendents.

* Resources & Links: Source of professional learning event materials, PDS preparation materials & tools, and links to educational resources.

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PDS Snapshots& Site Coordinators at Work!


Whiteville Primary site coordinator, Katie McLam, pictured on left with partnership teachers and principal, Mr. Lynn Spaulding, at the September 21st PDS Extended Partnership Preparation.



Supply site coordinator, Gloria Foss, and partnership teachers benefited from Dr. Ertzberger's "Teaching with Digital Games" and "Virtual Worlds" at the October 16th PDS conference.



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