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Spring 2010 Professional Learning Day Conferences Scheduled

Spring 2010 Site Coordinator Forms

Upcoming PDS Training Events

PDS Partnership Application

Super Site Seminar Tips

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Spring 2010 Professional Learning Day Conferences

Mark Your Calendars!

For Site Coordinators to share with teachers currently hosting spring interns in their school. 

Conference flyer containing detailed information to be sent shortly.

* Wednesday, March 3, 2010:
Middle Grades/Music/PE/Secondary
Professional Learning Day Conference for Partnership Teachers Hosting Spring 2010 Intern.

* Tuesday, March 23, 2010:

Professional Learning Day Conference for Partnership Teachers Hosting Spring 2010 Intern.

Conference Location: WCE 162
Conference Time : 8:30am - 3:30pm

Spring 2010 Site Coordinator Forms

Just A Reminder!

Site Coordinators need to fill out forms for the informational as well as reflective seminars held for interns.  Diana Mintz will be emailing you attachments for these forms to compile information needed for us to complete our report to the state.  Please use these forms to enter information after each site seminar.

Upcoming PDS Events


PDS Partnership Application&

Thanks For Your Help!

We are continuing our process of having ALL PDS Partnership Teachers/Site Coordinators complete our new ONLINE PDS Application so that their PDS record in the Watson College of Education Database contains information current to the academic year and is aligned with the NC Professional Teaching Standards.

Site Coordinators will be sent a list (if you have not already received one) of partnership teachers at their school with their unique user name and password needed to log in to the application.  This log in information is not to be used by anyone other than the PDS partner as it is linked to their database record.

This critical process is necessary for us to move ALL PDS partners into the New Online Teacher Application to maintain a current database.  Thank you for your assistance!

Link to the application:

Super Site Seminar Tips

(If you have had an opportunity to use the below tip, we would be interested to know how it was helpful to you.)

Looking for great ideas for Site Seminars to encourage interns to make classrooms more student-centered utilizing higher thinking skills? Here are a series of fantastic ideas from Inspiring Teachers columnist Jeri Asaro for you to help interns and teachers add to their tool box of classroom activities!

Use a Jigsaw strategy to have interns pair up and discuss 2-3 Great Active Learning Strategies from the below site and then teach their strategies to the rest of the interns. Reflect on how these strategies promote HOTS!

Great Active Learning Strategies

Diane Calhoun, PDS Director
UNC Wilmington
Watson College of Education
601 South college Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5991
Tel: 910-962-7244
Fax: 910-962-7400



Welcome Back Site Coordinators!

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to take some time for you to reflect and renew!

At December graduation, our fall interns walked across the bridge and down the stairs of the Watson College of Education. This celebration of joy and accomplishment was exciting and rewarding to experience. It gave thought as to what your role is all about...mentoring and coaching new teachers by:

* GUIDING them to develop and grow into knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate teachers,

* ENCOURAGING them to appreciate differences as they build positive relationships with students, and

* SUPPORTING them as they become reflective and responsive instructional decision makers.

As we enter the spring semester with a new group of interns, it is important that we make their entry into our schools, classrooms and lives as smooth as possible. A well-planned orientation will help interns feel welcomed and comfortable in their new school setting. There is an excellent outline of an internship orientation available for you on the PDS Website:

Once in the site, select "Site Coordinators" and enter User Name (pds) and Password (participants). Scroll down to "Materials and Resources" to view sample plans for intern orientations.

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Congratulations Site Coordinator, Fran Antinori!


The Fall WCE 2009 Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award Recipient...Fran Antinori, 1st Grade Classroom Teacher from Dixon Elementary School.

The Teacher Recognition Award was established in 2008 in memory of Dr. Roy E. Harkin who served as the chair of the Education Department at UNCW from 1976 to 1979.  In 1979 the department became the School of Education, and Dr. Harkin was named as the first Dean.  He served as Dean until 1991. 

The award is designed to recognize a public school teacher who has contributed to the preparation of future teachers by demonstrating excellence as a partnership teacher and/or site coordinator. The award is rotated each semester to a different PDS School System.  This fall Onslow County was selected for receiving this award.  A university/ district team reviewed nominations and selected a recipient.

Ms. Antinori, Onslow County recipient, states that playing a part in the development of young teachers has been one of her greatest pleasures in life.  She thrives on their energy, their enthusiasm, and the new ideas they bring to her own teaching.  She makes it clear to young teachers that she is their coach, their mentor, their sounding board and their friend.  She endeavors to have young teachers in her care see the big picture of education and encourage having family and teachers partner together to make learning happen.

Ms. Antinori represents all that is valued in our education of young teachers and our educational system as a whole!  As the recipient of this award, she received a certificate of recognition and an award of $150 for purchase of classroom supplies.  Ms. Antinori's name will be added to the Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award plaque located in the atrium of the education building.

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A New Vision of Teaching for the NC Professional Teaching Standards...

The different demands on 21st Century education dictate new roles for teachers in their classrooms and schools.  The following document is a guide for us as educators that helps frame what student success will look like in the new global economy.



The Framework!

It is designed to help practitioners integrate skills into the teaching of core academic subjects through a unified effort of business/states collectively visioning learning.  The Framework for 21st Century Learning describes the skills, knowledge and expertise students must master to succeed in work and life; it is a blend of content knowledge, specific skills, expertise and literacies. 

Within the context of core knowledge instruction, students must also learn the essential skills for success in today's world, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Try This Idea!

You can play a critical role in helping your interns and teachers embed these understandings in their daily instruction by engaging in reflective dialogue in a site seminar using this framework or aspects of this framework.  Let us know about your successes!

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