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February 2010, Volume 3  



Spring 2010 Professional Learning Day Conferences Scheduled

Spring 2010 Site Coordinator Forms

Upcoming PDS Training Events

PDS Partnership Application

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Mark Your Calendars!


For Site Coordinators to share with teachers currently hosting spring interns in their school. 

* Wednesday, March 3, 2010:
Middle Grades/Music/PE/Secondary
Professional Learning Day Conference for Partnership Teachers Hosting Spring 2010 Intern.

* Tuesday, March 23, 2010:

Professional Learning Day Conference for Partnership Teachers Hosting Spring 2010 Intern.

Conference Location: WCE 162
Conference Time : 8:30am - 3:30pm

Interns substitute FREE for partnership teachers on these days!

Spring 2010 Site Coordinator Forms

Just A Reminder!


Site Coordinators need to fill out forms for the informational as well as reflective seminars held for interns to compile information needed for us to complete our report to the state.  If you have been unable to locate these forms on our Web site, email Diana Mintz (  Please use these forms to enter information after each site seminar.

Upcoming PDS Events


PDS Partnership Application...



Please encourage all your PDS trained teachers (who haven't yet) to complete the Online PDS Application.  You have done a wonderful job in helping accomplish this huge undertaking for our WCE Database!  Thank you!

Link to the application:

Inspiring Teachers

Super Site Seminar Tips


Fidgety students are found in every classroom.  Young children often fidget because their little bodies are full of energy that have few outlets in the classroom.  Other children and teens may fidget because of excess energy, boredom, or due to ADHD.  No matter what the reason, the fidgets can be distracting, especially when we want our students to be paying attention in class.  However, current research is showing that this fidgeting may actually be helping students focus better and pay attention.

An interesting article, by Emma McDonald, shares ideas to help focus students by removing "strictures" that inhibit movement in the classroom.  How might you use this research for a site seminar?

A link to this article is found on our PDS web site, under Current Participants then Site Coordinators: Click on "Fidgeting Students in the Classroom" under "Coaching Connections," February 2010.

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Technology is the Focus!

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The PDS Professional Learning Days on March 3 & March 23 will have as their focus 21st Century Learning: Information Media & Technology Skills

Participants in these workshops will learn:

* Ways to use information
* Media & technology tools to foster creativity
* Critical thinking
* Problem solving in their classroom.

These technology skills will allow your students to communicate ideas to others and become more innovative, collaborative, and flexible in their thinking.  WCE faculty Jeff Ertzberger, Beth Allred, Jayson Richardson, and Shelby Morge will present cutting-edge technology workshops at one or both of these conferences!  Participants will receive a CEU technology credit certificate upon completion of a follow-up learning idea.


Using Jing...FREE Software that adds visuals to your online conversations!



Jing is free software that adds visuals to your online conversations.  You can snap a picture of your screen or record video of on-screen action and share instantly over the web, IM, or E-mail with your colleagues, students, instructors, or technology support personnel.  All you send out is a link, no files to attach.  This is both Mac and PC friendly. 


Click on the link below to watch a video that we have created using Jing to demonstrate the steps to access Site Coordinator materials on our web site.

Link to Video (make sure your volume is up on your computer):
Site Coordinator Materials

For more information about Jing, and to download to your computer, go to the link below:




UNCW Library Privileges!


Each year UNCW Library Privileges are extended through September 1st to all teachers and site coordinators hosting interns.  We send a list of teachers/site coordinators to Randall Library each semester.  The first time you visit Randall Library to check out materials, you will receive a personal card that can be used any time you return.  You have all check-out privileges extended to us as faculty.  We are delighted that UNCW has afforded our PDS partners this wonderful opportunity. 

The link to Randall Library is:




Site Seminars...
Make them Meaningful and Reflective!


Planning for Reflective Seminars is critical to your role as a site coordinator.  Designing seminars for your interns that give them the support and direction they need as they begin their teaching journey can be challenging.  Topic selection should be guided by the needs of your interns.  Use these design seminars to engage interns to think and reflect.  This process is invaluable to the growth and development of future professionals.

Gloria Foss, Site Coordinator at Supply Elementary in Brunswick County, shared a reflective seminar entitled "Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Students, "Nicky."  This seminar used the attributes of "Nicky" to facilitate a discussion about how the attributes could be incorporated in everyday classroom lessons.  This seminar could also be designed with the attributes of "Sammy" for middle grades or "The Graduate" for secondary.  Ms. Foss indicated that it was a successful seminar and, I am sure, one that will be repeated.

On the PDS web site, under Current Participants then Site Coordinators, there is a list of Successful Site Seminar Topics.  I encourage you to go there and review the topics.  If you have any suggestions of seminar topics that you have developed, implemented and were successful, please share with PDS.




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