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Intern Placement Fall 2010

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Intern Placement Complete for Fall 2010

Counties hosting Fall 2010 interns include Brunswick, Camp Lejeune, Carteret, Clinton City, Columbus, Duplin, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender, and Whiteville.  Over 120 interns were placed on site with principals and site coordinators in these 10 counties.  Thanks everyone!!

Reminder! PLD Conference Participants - Follow-up Assignment to Earn 1 CEU Due

Site Coordinators: Please remind your teachers hosting spring 2010 interns the due dates below:

Due April 16, 2010 for those who attended 3/3/10 conference.

Due April 30, 2010 for those who attended 3/23/10 conference.

See PDS Web Site for CEU guidelines.

Dont ForgetSite Coordinator Site Seminar Forms

Due as soon as all seminars are complete. Fax: 910-962-7400.

Forms available at Current Participants, Site Coordinators on PDS Web Site.

Upcoming PDS Events - Extended Trainings Set for Fall

See PDS Web Site.

5/19/10 Brunswick Extended Training:
300pm 5:00pm @ Bolivia Elementary

8/17/10 New Hanover Extended Training:
1:00pm 3:00pm @ Mosley Performance Learning Center

8/18/10 Onslow Extended Training:
1:30pm 3:30pm @ Central Office (location to be determined)

9/2/10 Camp Lejeune Extended Training:
3:45pm 5:45pm @ Johnson Primary

Pender, Carteret, Clinton, Columbus, Duplin, Whiteville Primary Extended Training to be determined.

Super Site Seminar Tips

How to Involve and Engage Students...
Emma McDonald

Student misbehavior isn't always about bad attitudes and keeping reps" (reputation). Many times student misbehavior in the classroom happens because of boredom. Access this article:
How to Involve and Engage Students.

Another great tip...

Great Active Learning Strategies...
Jeri Asaro

Looking for great ideas to make your classroom more student-centered? Below are a series of fantastic ideas from Inspiring Teachers columnist Jeri Asaro for you to add to your tool box of classroom activities. Each of these can be done prior to a reading assignment or lecture/mini-lesson within your classroom. Access this article:
Great Active Learning Strategies.

Diane Calhoun, PDS Director
UNC Wilmington
Watson College of Education
601 South college Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5991
Tel: 910-962-7244
Fax: 910-962-7400



PDS Professional Learning Days Well Received!

Over 200 teachers signed up to attend our spring Professional Learning Days, March 3rd and March 23rd. Teachers were treated to a wonderful breakfast and lunch while attending workshops designed to enhance their use of technology tools. 

table 1 picture

WCE faculty discuss ways to connect technology to student learning outcomes.

Partnership teachers successfully complete an assessment task in Web 2.0 Tools technology session!



Site coordinators and partnership teachers expressed that this was the "best conference ever!"


Watson College Faculty presenters for the "Linking Technology to 21st Century Teaching Practice" concurrent sessions included:

* Jeff Ertzberger, Digital Tools for Enhancing Education
* Shelby Morge, Using Squeak Etoys, An Open-Source Modeling and Simulation Tool
* Beth Allred, Assessment in the 21st Century-Assignments Don't Have to be Worksheets, Trifold Boards, or Paper Tests; Web 2.0 Tools
* Jayson Richardson, Social Networking in the 21st Century Classroom

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Thank You

Diane Calhoun


Dear Site Coordinators,

It has been a very busy and fulfilling year in our partnership. You have added immeasurably to the leadership, vision and professional engagement that make us who we are. We have shared the value you add to PDS in your site coordinator role at 3 major conferences this year:

* NC Teacher Education Forum, Raleigh, NC September 2009
* National Evaluation Institute, Louisville, KY October 2009
* PDS National Conference, Orlando, FL March 2010

Each presentation gave us the opportunity to unfold the incredible work that you do and describe the huge impact that you have on the educational development of our interns and partnership teachers as well as the whole school community.

It is with deep gratitude and admiration that I say thank you for all that you have contributed. Please take some time in your life this summer to find peace, joy and love!

Warmest Regards,

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Follow our WCE Teacher Interns in Belize!


The Watson College of Education International Studies Program offers students the opportunity to work and study in schools throughout the world. This semester 17 students began their internship in local area schools and then traveled to Belize, where they will spend the remaining 6 weeks completing their experience.

If you go to the Watson College of Education web site you will see a link on the first page that takes you to the blogs of Belize interns. It is amazing to read about their experiences and to see all of the pictures they have posted.

Link to Web Site:

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