Professional Development System

Formal PDS Agreements

Ensuring Commitment to the Partnership

Formal agreements are negotiated and signed by district superintendents and the board of education president of the PDS districts and charter schools every three years. The WCE dean and university chancellor also sign this agreement in a celebratory ceremony.

These agreements reaffirm the importance of the partnership goals and the responsibilities inherent in them. While reflecting the importance of flexibility in meeting the needs of individual partners, the agreements also ensure that the program goals are not compromised and that continuity and equity in partnerships remain foremost in the PDS vision. Each agreement reads as follows:

The University of North Carolina Wilmington along with our public school partners are committed to collaborating in the Professional Development System (PDS). This collaboration will positively affect public school reform and broaden professional development efforts within the region. The Professional Development System is based upon the belief that the most direct route to improving student learning is by improving the quality of teaching and leadership in our schools and ensuring that student work is challenging, engaging, and relevant. We understand that this work occurs in and may be affected by broader political, social, and economic contexts. In shaping this partnership agreement, we referred to the nine essential standards of the National Association of Professional Development Schools (see appendix). Six goals will be served by this PDS agreement.

They are to:

  • Improve the lives, learning and opportunities of all students.
  • Prepare teacher and administrator candidates in a professional, collegial environment.
  • Enhance the curriculum, structures, school culture and community ties for P-12 school and University of North Carolina Wilmington staff and faculty.
  • Provide professional support to beginning and veteran teachers through extended professional development opportunities.
  • Assess and evaluate the work done through this collaboration.
  • Conduct research to enhance the field of education and disseminate the results of this work.

The operation of this PDS will require continuous collaboration between the district and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The effort represents a commitment to a wide array of professional development experiences. Professional Development System efforts will occur in P-12 schools, the University, and other sites as deemed appropriate by the district and University.

2018 PDS School-University Partnership Agreement Signing

Congratulations to the Watson College of Education's Professional Development System and their partnership schools for renewing their three year partnership agreement.

 Provost Columbus Dean

UNCW Provost Marilyn Sheerer, Columbus County Superintendent Alan Faulk and WCE Dean Van Dempsey at the 2018 Signing Ceremony