Professional Development System

Teacher/Faculty Collaborative Projects

In the fall of 2011, the College of Education, Professional Development System Office hosted a Regional Education Forum. At this forum, nine school districts engaged in dialogue about the state of education in this region. From those conversations, the PDS office established the Teacher Collaborative Projects initiative. These projects supported teachers' cross district collaborative efforts to implement innovative practices in classrooms, schools, and/or communities. These were research projects intended to encourage in-depth study and critical reflection that leads to a change in the way teachers work with students, communities, and/or families.

There were twelve teachers from seven schools in three counties represented (Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender). Teachers were on three teams, each with different focus areas. Each team was also paired with two faculty facilitators. Faculty facilitated dialogue and assisted with project implementation and a final research presentation at our spring Research Speaks conference at the Watson College of Education. Dr. Amy Moody was the lead faculty facilitator for the projects. She assisted teams with preparing to present at the Research Speaks Conference on April 18th.

Team 1: Authentic Assessment

Cape Fear Center for Inquiry and Burgaw Middle

Lisa Brackney, Holly Konrady, Dr. Angie Reid-Griffin, Kelly Regan, Dr.Bill Sterrett and Tara Adams

Team 2: Multimedia/Technology Integration

East Columbus High and Ashley High School

Kathy Britt, LaTanya Pattillo, Sherry Jordan, Dr. Florence Martin, Daniella Stamm, and Dr. Marsha Carr

Team 3:True Arts Integration

HeideTrask High, Pender High, Ashley High and Holly Shelter Middle School

Jerry Buttrum, Donna Buttrum, Robert Lawson, Valerie Viola, Dr. Kennedy Ongaga, Dr. Debbie Powell