Professional Development System

Advisory Board

The Professional Development System in the Watson College of Education is dedicated to collaborative inquiry, transparent governance, and consistent communication regarding the goals, initiatives, and innovations within our school-university partnership. The purpose of the PDS Advisory Board is primarily two-fold: (1) to garner input about our PDS model, signature programs, and ways in which our partnership can improve, and (2) to directly inform partners about PDS programs, activities, accomplishments, challenges, etc. The current PDS Advisory Board is comprised of 10 members representing partnership teachers, site coordinators, principals, district personnel, university supervisors, and Watson faculty and staff.

PDS Advisory Board

PDS Advisory Board
2015-2018 Dr. Robert Smith, Professor, ITFSD
2015-2017 Dr. Lynn Sikma, Assistant Professor, EEMLS
2015-2018 Dr. Amy Garrett Dikkers, Associate Professor, EL
2015-2017 Ms. Cindy Wiseman, Professional Experiences Director
2015-2018 Ms. Cathy Edmonds, Site Coordinator and Partnership Teacher, New Hanover High School
2015-2017 Ms. Dawn Vickers, Site Coordinator and Partnership Teacher, Mary C. Williams Elementary
2015-2018 Dr. Eric Irizarry, Principal, Virgo Middle School, principal
2015-2017 Ms. Cassie Cartrette, PDS District Key Contact, Columbus County Schools
2015-2018 Holly Konrady, University Supervisor
ex-officio Somer Lewis, PDS Director

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