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Donyell Roseboro Associate Dean for Teacher 
Education & Outreach
Dr. Donyell Roseboro
Education Building 160
(910) 962-4174
Nicole Geczi       Executive Assistant
Nicole Geczi
Education Building 161
(910) 962-7101

Professional Development System

Somer Lewis Director
Somer Lewis
Education Building 156A
(910) 962-7244
Jenn Hatch Knight Assistant Director
Jenn Hatch Knight
Education Building 157
(910) 962-4246
Candace Blanke Administrative Associate
Candace Blanke
Education Building 156
(910) 962-4173

Office of Professional Experiences

Cindy Wiseman Director
Cindy Wiseman
Education Buiding 150A
(910) 962-3360
Stephanie Gumina Field Experience Coordinator
Stephanie Glowa
Education Building 150C
(910) 962-3086
Logan McKnight Licensure and Internship Coordinator
Logan McKnight
Education Building 150B
(910) 962-2796
Courtney Townsend Coordinator of Out of Area Placements and Lateral Entry Students
Courtney Townsend
Education Building 147
(910) 962-3561

Betty Holden Stike Educational Laboratory

Brian Brinkley Director
Brian Brinkley
Education Building 129
(910) 962-3731
MJ Giammaria Administrative Associate
MJ Giammaria
Education Building
(910) 962-7101
Ed Lab Staff
Rebecca Walker
Education Building 128
(910) 962-2167
Supervisor, Onslow Extension
Debbie Phillips
Educational Lab
Jacksonville, NC
(910) 777-4983