Robert Smith, Kayce Smith Contribute to EdNC Series on Innovation

EducationNC ran a week-long series on innovation in North Carolina schools in January. WCE professor Robert Smith, doctoral student Kayce Smith and members of the Educational Innovation Network NC were contributing authors.

Robert Smith and Kayce Smith co-authored the first article in the series, Why innovation should be central to school improvement.

Robert Smith is a professor of secondary education at UNCW’s Watson College of Education. For the last three years, he has served as the Wendy and Dell Murphy Distinguished Professor supporting innovation in PK-12 schools. Kayce Smith is a coordinator and coach for multi-tiered systems of academic and behavior supports at Myrtle Grove Middle School and a doctoral student in educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction at the Watson College.

Robert Smith and Kayce Smith also provided editing support for articles in the series authored by members of the Educational Innovation Network NC. The network, which has 50 members, is comprised of individuals with a shared vision to create an educational culture in North Carolina public schools that prioritizes innovation. The group was formed after WCE’s second annual innovation conference in May 2019.

Articles in the series include:

The key ingredient for innovation, by Ben Owens. Owens is a former engineer and STEM teacher who now works as an education consultant helping schools retool their approach to collaborative innovation.

Redesigning school in Caldwell County by Kim Case. Case is the coordinator of innovation and online education for the Caldwell County School District.

Redefining the box: A systemic approach to retaining effective educators by Seth Brown. Brown is the Director of Educator Support and Leadership Development with Pitt County Schools.

Transforming school culture with and for our students, schools, and communities by Charlie Lyons and Jane Williams. Lyons is a former school administrator and the co-founder of DRIVE and

Williams is a former educator and a co-founder of DRIVE.

The Educational Innovation Network is currently planning a convening in spring 2020 for groups, educators and policymakers who are committed to driving innovation in PK-12 schools. Their goal is to develop policy recommendations to prioritize innovation for school improvement. Professionals interested in collaborating on this effort are encouraged to contact the organization at InnovateNCed@gmail.com.

To follow their work, visit the Education Innovation Network NC on Twitter at @InnovateEduNC.