IT Resources

MIT 510 students utilizing online IT resources for a group project.As an instructional designer, instructional technologist, software developer, trainer, or teacher, you must have an understanding of the field and its associated technology. This page links you to relevant theoretical resources and tutorial resources.

For information about each resource, click on the links below:

Theoretical Resources (Online)

Instructional Systems Design:

Thoughts on Theory in Instructional Technology
Major Theories in Learning and Instruction
About Learning Theories
Cognitive Approaches to Instructional Design

Socio-Cultural Theory
Situated Learning

Elaboration Theory

Problem-based Learning

Cognitive Teaching Models

Elaboration Model

Learning with Technology Survey (useful tool for teachers & designers)


Chaos and Complexity Theory

Instructional Design Resources

Intellectual Property Law

Evaluating Quality on Internet

Internet Evaluation Surveys

Citing Electronic References

Learning Style

Design of an integrated online learning environment

Tutorial Resources

Below is a list of online or electronic resources designed to provide students with access to tutorial information and/or information about media production and use:

Microsoft word and office materials (

Claris Home Page

Front Page Help (

Adobe PageMill (

Adobe PageMaker (

Media Design On-line (

On-line courses on Internet Design (paid) (

Know Java script (

Javascript Source (

Java script programming (

A guide for writing a research paper (APA style) (

Front Page 2000, Magic (

Design sense for presentations (

Help with Web pages (

What Makes a Successful Online Student? (