Master of Instructional Technology

2011 News Archive

Chapin Brinegar and Jean SniderChapin Brinegar and Jean Snider, two MIT students, took first place in the PacifiCorp Design and Development competition for promising instructional design students in masters and doctoral programs. The final phase of the year-long competition was held in Jacksonville, Fla. last week during the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) international conference. Chapin and Jean are the first students from the MIT program to enter the competition and received top recognition for their community-based training and educational solution for a case study involving a biotech start-up company. (11/11)

Kim WhitfieldKim Whitfield, a recent graduate of the MIT program, won an award for the paper she completed for her master's capstone project. Kim received the "Best Student Master's Paper" for the Information Systems Educators Conference (ISECON)--an international conference. ISECON focuses on Information Systems Education, and is the conference for the Education Special Interest Group, a division of the Association of Information Technology Professionals - As the winner of the award, Kim's paper will also be published in the Information Systems Educational Journal, which should come out the first of next year. I will send you a copy of the article when it is published. (11/11)

Jerome Hoskins' paper completed for his master's capstone project has been accepted to be published as a book chapter in "Emerging Technologies in Learning:
Impact on Cognition and Culture." Jerome completed his degree in summer of 2011. (11/11)

Congratulations to Jean Snider and Chapin Brinegar again. They have been selected for the final stage of PacifiCorp Design & Development Award Competition. Do not miss their presentation at AECT 2011. (9/30/2011)

Congratulations to Jean Snider and Chapin Brinegar. They participated in PacifiCorp Design & Development Award Competition for promising instructional design research by graduate students sponsored by Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT). Their proposal had been selected as one of the six final teams and they just submitted their final response for the last phase of competition. (8/17/2011)

Congratulations to Trisha Torkildsen for her new position as Instructional Designer at the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata. (8/17/2011)

Congratulations to Jerome Hoskins for his position as an instructional Technologist / e-Learning Coordinator at the South Carolina State University. (8/17/2011)

Congratulations to Jerome Hoskins, Margarete Fedora and Laurie Miles for successfully completing their master's degree in July 2011. (8/17/2011)

Congratulations to Michael Regina for his internship with Booz Allen Hamilton company in Washington D.C. Michael will begin working early June on a number of projects. (6/20/2011)

Congratulations to Jerome Hoskin for his internship with Morrison Management Specialists (Health/Allied Services) in Atlanta. Jerome is working on an e-learning project with the company. (6/20/2011)

Congratulations to Chandra Roughton, Debbie Deal and Tara Bennett for their internship with Professioanl Development System in UNCW. They are working with education faculty to develop self-directed professioanl development courses for inservice teachers. (6/20/2011)

Congratulations to Jean Snider for her internship with Cardinal Pharmacy Solutions company in Houston. Jean is conducting needs assessment and designing and developing a course entitled "Hospital Pharmacy 101" for web delivery. (6/20/2011)

Congratulations to Kim Whitfield and Patrick Murphy for successfully completing their master's degree in May 2011. (6/20/2011)

Congratulations to Melissa Raymer for her new position as Distance Learning Librarian at Randall Library, UNCW. (3/8/2011)

Congratulations to Chapin Brinegar for her GA position of Director of UNCW Student Media Sales and Marketing Wilmington. (3/4/2011)