Master of Instructional Technology

2006-2007 News Archive

Fall 2007

Dr. Ulku Yaylacicegi, Assistant Professor Information Systems and Operations Management will be presenting at MIT 540: Colloquium I Seminar. The presentation topic is Information Security Management. All interested students and faculty are invited to attend. Thursday Nov. 15, 5:15 to 6:45 Pm, Education Building, Room 337. (Posted 11/9/07)

Congratulations to Patrick Gunn for his promotion to a new position as eLearning Development Consultant for the Business Markets Group Sales Training Department at AT&T. (Posted 10/26/07)

Ms. Jeannette King, the Co-founder and President of SpecialtySoft, a Wilmington, NC based software development company will be presenting at MIT 540: Colloquium I Seminar. All interested students and faculty are invited to attend. Thursday Oct. 4th, 5:00 to 6:30Pm, Education Building, Room 337. (Posted 10/04/07)

Congratulations to Bethann Winzeler for her position as a Computer Resource Teacher at Noble middle school. (Posted 8/31/07)

Spring 2007

Invited Talk by Alan Kay, Monday, July 30, 2007, Time: 6:00 pm, Location: CIS 1008. Alan Kay is one of the earliest pioneers of object-oriented programming, personal computing, and graphical user interfaces. (Posted 7/27/07)

Congratulations to Kristine Rose for her position at PPD in Wilmington. Kristine was offered to work in the Gov/NGO Division at PPD as a Systems Support Coordinator starting June 25th. Kristine graduated in May 2007 . (Posted 6/15/07)

Congratulations to Nicole Dalton for her Instructional Designer position at PPD in Raleigh. (Posted 5/25/07)

Congratulations to Patrick Gunn. He received his second Exceeding Expectations Award at AT&T Quarterly meeting for his relationships and client service. Patrick was also offered, and expected a temporary promotion to Manager of Curriculum Design. (Posted 5/25/07)

Congratulations to Duane Thomas for his Instructional Designer position at AT&T. Duane has just graduated form our program (May 2007). (Posted 5/18/07)

Congratulations to Nik Smith Hummicutt for his Instructional Technology Consultant in the School of Education at UNC-G. Nik has just graduated form our program (May 2007). (Posted 5/18/07)

Congratulations to Kristen Parker (Lee) for her new position. Kristen accepted an Instructional Curriculum Designer and Developer at TIAA-CREF in Charlotte, NC. ((Posted 5/18/07)

Congratulations to Duane Thomas, Kristine Rose and Nik Smith-Hunnicutt. They successfully completed their Degrees in Instructional Technology and will soon join our MIT Alumni. (Posted 4/27/07)

Congratulations to Erika Robertson for her new position at Cisco Systems in the triangle area . (Posted 4/27/07)

Congratulations to Nicole Dalton for her first baby daughter- Schuyler. We are very happy for Nicole and her family. (Posted 1/2/07)

Fall 2006

Congratulations to Ian Jones. Ian and his wife had their first baby. Keegan Ian Jones was born on 10/16/06 at 11:01 p.m. (Posted 11/17/06)

Summer 2006

Melissa Ennis has published a paper with Dr. Buller on Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education. Melissa is working on her master's degree in Psychology in addition to her MIT degree.

Eight MIT students are completing their internships during summer 06. Nik Smith-Hunnicutt and Elizabeth Bailey are working with Proficient Learning on two design and development projects. Duane Thomas and Kristine Rose are working with ITSD developing training materials for faculty for Webct vista. Amanda Hodges is developing an online course for a faculty member in the Watson School of Education. Shellie Moore is working with Writing Center, Randall Library to redesign the Center's website and develop instructional materials. Trish Torkildsen is working with the Cape Fear Community College to develop online training materials for students who take online courses. Marolyn Schauss is working with New Hanover County, Instructional Services. She is developing print-based instructional materials for teachers.

Spring 2006

Suesan Sullivan completed her internship with Working Films. She developed instructional materials incorporating documentaries on "Latinos in North Carolina" to be distributed in public schools in the region. Suesan is in the process of formatively evaluating the materials in Ms. Micallef Literature class in Hoggard High school.

Renee Corcoran, Kristen Lee and Sherry Hughes successfully defended and passed their Comprehensive Exam and Electronic portfolios.

Tammy Clark and Amanda Hodge worked with two faculty members in the Watson school of Education to design and develop their courses for online delivery using WebCt.

Nik Smith-Hunnicutt, Tina Nelson, Marolyn Schauss and Fran Strauss presented with Dr. Moallem at the Interact Technology Showcase in March 2006.

We welcomed Aixia Zhang, Tom Dorgan and Jessica Shartle to our MIT community in Spring of 2006. Both Aixia and Tom were hired as instructional support assistants in the Watson School of Education. Aixia is working in the Department of Specialty Studies and Tom is working with PDS (Professional Development System).