Expected Course Offering

Core courses and focus area courses that are required for "M" level licensure are offered on a regular basis each academic year. (See schedule below.) Other focus area courses are offered every other academic year unless there is an identified demand for the course.

Core Courses Semester Being Offered
MIT 500: Instructional Systems Design: Theory & Research Fall
MIT 511: Multimedia Design & Development Fall
MIT 540: Colloquium I Fall
MIT 520: Managing Instructional Development Fall
MIT 510: Design & Development of Instructional Technology Spring
MIT 530: Evaluation & Change in Instructional Development Spring
MIT 541: Colloquium II Spring
MIT 542: Internship Fall, Spring, Summer
MIT 598: Design and Development Research Project & MIT 599: Thesis Fall & Spring

Focus Area Course Offering
Focus Area Courses Semester Being Offered
MIT 512: Computer Applications in Education Fall
MIT 522: Organization and Management of Instructional Technology Spring
MIT 517: Gaming and Simulation Spring
MIT 516: Instructional Video Design & Development or MIT 503: Fundamentals of Computer Programming or MIT 521: Diffusion & Implementation of Education Innovations Fall
MIT 513: Computer-Based Instruction or MIT 515: Web Teaching: Design & Development Spring

MIT 502: Systematic Approach to Performance or MIT 501: Motivation in Instructional design


MIT 531: Assessment of Learning Outcomes Summer