MIT Alumni News

2016 News 

Congratulations to the following graduates: Suzanne Micallef; Ryan Barclay; Jessica Leitheiser; Joy Childs; Fred Riehle; Danielle Butts; Colin Taper; Beverley McGuire; Andrea Blair; Colleen Criffiths; Caroline Godwin; Becky Hayes

Let’s congratulate Beverly McGuire for her new leadership position as the “Director of University Studies” at UNCW.

Jessica Leitheiser accepted an instructional design position at Lockheed Martin

Lizzy accepted a new position as an Instructional Design Specialist at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM

Dani Butts accepted a position as an instructional technology specialist at the University of Maryland Baltimore

Tracy accepted a new part time position as an instructional designer at Cape Fear Community College. Tracy is also an Instructor at UNCW-Psychology Dept. This position will allow her to practice her instructional design knowledge and skills while still keeping her part time faculty position at UNCW.

Let’s congratulate Ashley for accepting an Instructional Designer position with innovation Research & Training (iRT)