About the Instructional Technology Program


Master of Science in Instructional Technology (MIT)

The Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology (MIT) program provides advanced professional training for teachers and school technology coordinators; business and industry personnel such as executives, trainers, and human resource development employees; persons in the health care field; and community college instructors. The program focuses on the theory and practice of design and development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. It emphasizes product development and utilization of advanced technology and provides applied training in the total design, development, implementation, and evaluation of educational and training programs. The program consists of 36 credit hours including 15 hours of core or foundation courses and 15 credit hours of focus or specialty area courses, 3 hours of seminar series (colloquia) and internship, and 3 credit hours of design and development research project or master's thesis.

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Technology program includes a concentration in Evaluation and Organizational Learning. This concentration has a program of study that emphasizes evaluation as a leadership process focused on organizational learning and change. The program is designed for professionals in fields such as health, business, education, social work, sociology, and public administration. Learn more about this concentration >

Graduate Certificate Programs

eSports Performance, Management and Leadership Certificate - UNCW’s post-baccalaureate eSports certificate program is designed for professionals interested in a career in the rapidly growing field of eSports, K-12 educators looking to start an eSports program in their school or district, and individuals who are interested in gaming, streaming and the eSports industry.

The Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS)The ITS/TF Certificate Program is designed to address the needs of K-12 teachers, as well as instructional technology specialists, community college faculty/staff, and individuals interested in the design and development, implementation and management of educational and training materials.

Multimedia and Instructional Web Development (MWD)The certificate program serves individuals (K-12 educators, Corporate trainers, etc.) who do not wish to earn a Master of Science degree but desire to expand their knowledge and skills in designing and developing dynamic and engaging multimedia content for multiple devices/media outlets using the latest authoring and publishing tools and web programming technologies.

Online Teaching and Learning (OT&L)This graduate certificate program in Online Teaching and Learning (OT&L) is designed to meet the needs of K-12 educators, higher education faculty, instructional design specialists, chief learning officers, and other professionals and individuals who wish to design, develop, implement, manage, and evaluate online learning environments.

Undergraduate Programs

eSports Performance and Management CertificateUNCW’s eSports certificate program is designed for students who are interested in gaming, streaming and exploring eSports career options. UNCW students in any field of study are eligible to apply.

Online Teaching and Learning Minor UNCW’s new minor in Online Teaching and Learning (OT&L) is designed for future teachers and undergraduate students in any discipline who are interested in developing the skills needed to communicate effectively in a virtual learning environment.