Master of Science in Instructional Technology

Welcome to the MIT Program

The Donald R. Watson College of Education at UNCW welcomes you to the Master of Science in Instructional Technology (MIT) program.

As an exciting and innovative program, MIT provides students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge from educational and applied psychology, instructional systems design, computer science, systems theory, and communication theory, allowing for considerable flexibility to tailor individual needs across other academic disciplines. Students from diverse fields can plan programs that are consistent with their long-range academic and professional goals. MIT courses are offered 100% online, allowing professionals to earn their degrees and/or certificates from anywhere at any time!

In addition, the MIT program is directed toward preparing students to function in a variety of roles to be performed in a broad range of settings, including business and industry, human services, health institutions, higher education, government, military, and public and private K-12 education. (Student Learning Objectives)

MIT Program Highlights:

  • A 99% job placement rate
  • A pathway to a high paying career
  • Rigorous courses taught by experienced IT faculty
  • An introduction to new technology
  • 100% Online
  • Applied learning opportunities, working with clients in real-world settings
  • Experiences to help you develop strong design, technical, and project management skills
  • A solid foundation for a rewarding career

The MIT program offers an Online Teaching and Learning (OT&L) Certificate for K-12 educators, higher education faculty, instructional design specialists, chief learning officers, and other professionals and individuals who wish to design, develop, implement, manage, and evaluate online learning environments. Click here to learn more

The MIT Program also offers an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) & 079 Endorsement in Educational Computing and Technology Facilitation (TF) online post-baccalaureate certificate. Click here to learn more.

MIT courses are offered both on-campus and online, allowing professionals to earn their degrees and/or certificates by taking MIT on-campus courses, or MIT online courses, or a combination of both types.

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