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Mindfulness/Meditation in Education

Read how some school systems are incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and yoga into their school days to ease student stress.

Download a mindfulness relaxation exercise script for classroom use.

Read this pilot study on mindfulness-based stress reduction in schools.

This website from Susan Kaiser Greenland includes a suite of mindfulness activities and games for children.

Download this curriculum guide on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the Center for Mindfulness in

Medicine, Healthcare, and Society from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.   

This article provides four simple ways to teach mindfulness in schools.

This video delves into the science behind meditation.

Practice the ART of mindfulness in everyday life by being present in the moment.

This animated video from Happify explains the empowering effect of mindfulness.

This video delves into the science behind meditation.

This video from Happify talks about why mindfulness is the superpower behind your wellbeing.