Saul BachnerSaul Bachner, Ph. D.
1924 -2011

Professor Emerita
UNCW Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award, 1996
Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award,

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Photo of Grace Burton Grace Mae Burton, Ph. D.
1939 -2005

Professor Emerita
Professor in Mathematics Education, 1977-2004
Chair of the Department of Curricular Studies, 1996-1999

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MaryAnn Davies

MaryAnn Davies, Ed.D

Professor, Middle Grades Education, 2001-2011
Chair of the Department of Curricular Studies, 2001-2005

Neal Graham Eakins

First Secretary for Wilmington College Department of Education and Psychology
Secretary for UNCW Department of Education and School of Education, 1966-1982

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Photo of Dean Roy HarkinRoy Eugene Harkin

Professor of Education, 1976-2003
Chair of Department of Education, 1976-1980
Dean of School of Education, 1980-1991

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Photo of Dr. Harold HulonBetty Holden Stike

Assistant Professor, 1964-1983
Founding member of the UNCW Department of Psychology and Education in 1963, a two-person department that has since grown into the UNCW Watson College of Education.

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Photo of Dr. Harold HulonHarold Hulon, Ph. D.

Professor of Education, 1963-1993
First Chair of Department of Education at Wilmington College, later The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 1963-1973

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Photo of Ann LockledgeAnn Potter Lockledge

Professor of Education, Specialties in Social Studies and Middle Grades Education, 1987-2000

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