Watson College of Education

Watson College of Education
The Watson College of Education offers graduate-level programs for certified teachers looking to improve knowledge and expertise in a given field. Our M.Ed. and add-on licensure programs are designed for working professionals and feature outstanding faculty, flexible online and blended course formats and opportunities to participate in research, community outreach and international travel. We invite you to learn more!

Education of Young Children

M.Ed. in Leadership, Policy and Advocacy in Early Childhood

This specialization is an interdisciplinary program designed for people who work or wish to work as a leader in the field of family and child advocacy. Learn more >

Add-on Licensure - Education of Young Children

This program offers courses for individuals who wish to add birth through kindergarten or preschool add-on licensure to an existing degree or license. Learn more >



Elementary & Literacy Education

M.Ed. in Elementary Education

The online master’s in elementary education helps K-6 teachers expand their depth and breadth of knowledge and become more effective in the classroom. Learn More >

M.Ed. in Language and Literacy

The master’s in Language and Literacy is designed for K-12 teachers seeking a master’s degree to improve knowledge and expertise in literacy education. The program helps open doors to greater responsibility as a literacy leader in your school or district. Learn more >

Add-on Licensure in Elementary Mathematics

The Elementary Mathematics Add-On License is designed for teachers holding an Elementary Education License who want to build their expertise in mathematics instruction. Each of the six courses in the EMAoL Program of Study is distinguished by a focus on a high-leverage teaching practice, a primary area of mathematics necessary for successfully teaching elementary school mathematics and a secondary area of mathematical content. The Elementary Mathematics Add-On Licensure courses may apply to other programs. Learn more >

Academically & Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

M.Ed. with Specialization in AIG

The master’s with specialization in AIG prepares teachers to identify gifted and talented students, design effective curriculum and programs, and advocate for the special needs of gifted and talented students. Learn more >

Add-on Licensure with Specialization in AIG

The AIG add-on licensure is an online 12-credit hour course sequence designed for K-12 educators looking to improve knowledge and expertise in the field of gifted education and talent development. Learn more >

Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision (CIS)

M.Ed. with Specialization in CIS

The M.Ed. program in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision prepares graduates to be effective school and district level curriculum and instructional leaders. The program is appropriate for K-12 classroom teachers, building administrators, teacher educators and other personnel who play a supervisory role in the professional development of others. Learn more >

Add-on Licensure with Specialization in CIS

Add-on licensure in CIS can be achieved in as few as 4 to 6 classes. Learn more >

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

M.Ed. with Specialization in ESL

The master’s in English as a Second Language is designed for K-12 certified teachers seeking a master’s degree in ESL, and ESL teachers who wish to improve their knowledge and expertise in the field. Learn more >

Add-on Licensure in ESL

This non-degree program is designed for K-12 teachers who want to become certified to teach ESL. Candidates will complete 18 credit hours of online graduate level courses. Learn more >

M.Ed. in Physical Education and Health

The master's with specialization in Physical Education and Health (PEH), is designed for K-12 PEH teachers who are looking to advance their knowledge and skills in the discipline, as well as to work in professional and leadership positions within schools. Learn more >

M.Ed. in Spanish

The master's in Spanish Education is designed for K-12 Spanish teachers who are seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to work in professional and leadership positions within schools. Learn more >