Applied Behavioral Analysis

Welcome to the Applied Behavioral Analysis & Developmental / Intellectual Disabilities undergraduate minor program! This program is offered by the Watson College of Education in partnership with the Psychology Department in UNCW’s College of Arts and Sciences.

The minor provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of behavior analysis with an emphasis on how these principles are applied. For example, education students will learn how principals of behavior analysis are applied in schools for individuals with intellectual disabilities such as autism.

The curriculum, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field, will include coursework from the department of psychology and the special education program. Students will complete four required core courses (12 hrs), one required field experience course (3 hrs), a required advanced topic (3-4 hrs), and 3 hours of approved electives for a total of 21-22 hours. At least 9 hours must come from courses outside the student’s major.

Required Core Courses:

Field Experience Courses:

Advanced Topic Courses:

Approved Elective Courses:

For more information contact Program Coordinators Dr. Carole M. Van Camp or Dr. Allison Jones.

For information on how to declare a minor, visit the University College website.

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Admissions: Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Admission to UNCW and the Watson College of Education is a two-step process. The first step is admission to the university. The second step is admission to the Watson College of Education (WCE). Students typically apply to WCE during their sophomore or junior year at UNCW. Transfer students typically apply during their first or second semester at UNCW.


  • High School Seniors and Transfer Students
  • Freshman or Sophomore Year
  • Sophomore Year
  • Junior Year
  • Senior or Final Year