Our Mission

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education. The Society is a community of scholars dedicated to worthy ideals:

  • Recognizes scholarship and excellence in education;
  • Promotes the development and dissemination of worthy educational ideas and practices;
  • Enhances the continuous growth and leadership of its diverse membership;
  • Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues; and
  • Maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.

The Kappa Delta Pi Creed

Education is a vital force in any society that encourages universal welfare and individual progress. Education is likewise the cornerstone of democracy and the foundation for personal fulfillment. As an International Honor Society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi has adopted and continues to pledge fidelity to four cherished ideals: Humanity, Science, Service, and Toil.

The central ideal of fidelity to Humanity is faith in the potential of all human beings, through education, to experience more meaningful lives.Kadelpians pledge their loyalty to the ideal that young and old of every race and creed shall, through equality of educational opportunity, enjoy physical health, social and political rights, and economic justice.

Fidelity to the ideal of Science requires faithfulness to the cause of free inquiry. It implies accepting proven and replicative truth as a way of eliminating prejudice and superstition. It also implies not rushing to condemn the old and tested truth to accept ideas and practices that seem new and spectacular. Fidelity to Science requires, perhaps most of all, not distorting evidence to support a favored theory or practice.

A major incentive of the great teachers of the world has always been their desire to serve learners of all ages, classes, and races. Kadelpians pledge fidelity to Service as they enable learners and communities, through education, to achieve justice, peace, and a better quality of life for persons everywhere.

Toil is the fourth ideal to which Kadelpians pledge fidelity. With faith in the social necessity and intrinsic reward of the teaching profession, they show their will to do what must be done. If one life is given greater freedom and nobler vision, toil is not in vain.

So to teach that my words and actions inspire a will to learn; so to serve that each day may enhance the growth of exploring and expanding minds; so to live that I may guide young and old to know the truth and love the right. To the fulfillment of these ideals, I pledge my efforts and loyalty.