Teacher Licensure Program

The teacher licensure program is designed to develop highly competent and caring professionals to serve in educational leadership roles. The program is designed around the following four core principles.

Four Core Principles:

  • Intensive school experiences in secondary classrooms throughout the program which prepare students to teach in large, traditional high school settings and small learning communities, such as Freshman Academies and Early Colleges
  • An emphasis on broad issues of diversity, including the development of culturally responsive pedagogy, serving students with special needs, and teaching English Language Learners
  • A focus on strong content preparation, effective curriculum design, and cross-discipline, integrated curriculum
  • Global connections to the high school curriculum and overall secondary experience

Program Outcomes aligned with the NC Professional Teacher Standards
Secondary Program Graduates will:

  • Demonstrate leadership in their classroom, in the school, and in the community
  • Establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students
  • Know the content they teach
  • Collaborate with colleagues across grade levels and disciplines
  • Relate learning to applied, authentic experiences
  • Contextualize teaching, learning, and schools within a global perspective
  • Facilitate learning for all students
  • Establish a pattern of reflective practices and scholarly inquiry culminating in confidence, professionalism, and effectiveness in the role of a teacher.
  • Use technology to support teaching and learning
  • Communicate in Standard English, both verbally and in written formats
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors, a caring personality, a positive disposition to helping students be successful, and a proactive nature in connecting to families and the community