MAT Program Requirements

The MAT program is designed to develop highly competent and caring professionals to serve in educational leadership roles. Both the online program and the on-campus program are designed around five core principles. However, these principles are addressed through different strategies within the two programs. The five core principles are the following:

  • One Year 'apprenticeship' in secondary classrooms preparing teacher candidates to teach in both large, traditional high school settings and small learning communities, such as Freshman Academies and Early Colleges.
  • An emphasis on broad issues of diversity, including the development of culturally responsive pedagogy, serving students with special needs, and teaching English Language Learners.
  • A focus on strong content preparation, effective curriculum design, and leadership training and development.
  • 'Cohort' model that builds on the value of group support and reflection through shared and meaningful interdisciplinary experiences.
  • Global connections to the high school curriculum and overall secondary experience.

The 33-semester hours program is comprised of 30 semester hours in professional education competency areas and 3 hours in the academic specialization. The M.A.T. in Secondary Education is offered in the following specialties: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

1. Core (9 hours)

  • SEC 510 Diverse Learners and Special Needs (3)
  • SEC 520 Instructional Design, Technology, and Leadership (3)
  • SEC 528 Secondary School Organization (3) (includes 20 hours of field experience)

2. Pedagogical Expertise (9 hours)

  • SEC 503-06 Methods Courses (3) (includes 30 hours of field experience)
  • SEC 511 ESL Concepts for Secondary Teachers (3)
  • SEC 515 Assessment and Learning Environments for Secondary (3)

3. Professional Development (12 hours)

  • SEC 500 Student Teaching I in Secondary Schools (3)
  • SEC 509 Student Teaching II in Secondary Schools (6)
  • SEC 521 Seminar on Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (3)

Academic Specialization
All content area courses must be approved by advisor

A. ENGLISH-(3 hours)

  • One Course - Advisor Recommendations (3)

B. HISTORY -(3 hours)

  • One Course - Advisor Recommendations (3)

C. MATHEMATICS -(3 hours)

  • One Course - Advisor Recommendations (3)

D. SCIENCE -(3 hours)

  • One Course - Advisor Recommendations (3)