Secondary M.A.T. Students Highlights and Videos

Hannah TaggartHannah Taggort
MAT Mathematics

As a military spouse I was looking for a new career opportunity that didn't require years of additional schooling and would be adaptable to future military relocations. UNCW's program was the answer to my dreams! The UNCW MAT Secondary Education program gave me the opportunity to earn my Master's degree in just one year. The combination of the challenging coursework and real world experience as an intern helped me quickly gain confidence and skills necessary to become an effective secondary teacher. The cohort setting also created a strong support group for all MAT students. After completing this incredible program, I entered the education field excited and eager to make a lasting expression as a teacher. I now continue to apply what I've been taught to help inspire analytical thinking by motivating confidence in mathematical application for my students.

Nick Wilson
MAT Social Studies

I felt like the MAT program offered a fast pace opportunity to become an instructor that also allowed for me to get hands on experience with students and fellow teachers. The internship experience was fantastic with some experience in the fall and then taking over 2 class periods in the spring, the pacing was excellent.

The internship has shown me the weaknesses in my instruction and improved it to be much more effective in the classroom. Classroom management would have been non existent without my time as an intern.

Logan Doyle
MAT Social Studies

I really liked the fact that we were almost immediately thrown into the classroom and we received a genuine understanding of what it is like to be responsible for a full class within weeks of being in the classroom. I think it gave me a better understanding of what sort of things to expect once I was in my actual classroom. I had a couple of friends in the undergrad program and I felt like their experiences were so different than ours in the sense that we, as MATs, got a better look at what it will be like to be a teacher.

My internship definitely prepared me for, well, all sorts of things. I dealt with some things in my classes that I never thought would ever be an issues. I just felt that this internship experience, overall, gave me a more sincere understanding of what it will be like to be a high school teacher. It showed me how important it is to make good connections with other teachers, of all subject areas, in my school.

E. Clayton Fountain
E. Clayton FountainMAT English

Everyone in Watson always seemed invested in both me as a teacher and my personal well-being. I always felt well taken care of during my time here.

My internship really prepared me for what it would be like to be a secondary teacher. I was totally immersed in every aspect of my role and I learned more about teaching and high school students than I ever thought was possible. I will always remember my internship for the lessons and relationships I developed during that time.

Archived Highlights

Letisha Kirby

Letisha C. Kirby (Partnership Teacher- Science) was awarded the Distinguished Service in Science Education - Senior High Award presented by the North Carolina Science Teachers Association (NCSTA). She is a teacher at North Brunswick High School.

Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin was awarded the Outstanding High School Student Teaching Award for 2013 by the North Carolina Science Teachers Association. Nicole is a first year high school science teacher at Northside High School. She student taught at Topsail High School in the Spring, 2013.

Both awards were presented during the 2013 NSTA/NCSTA Area Conference in Charlotte, NC.