MAT Program Design

Campus Program (33 Program Hours)

Summer (9 hours)

Fall (12 hours)

Spring (12 hours)

SEC 510 - Diverse Learners and Special Needs (3 Hours)

SEC 500 - Student Teaching I in
Secondary Schools
(3 Hours)

SEC 509 - Student Teaching II in Secondary Schools (6 Hours)

SEC 520 - Instructional Design, Technology, and Leadership (3 Hours)

SEC 503-7 - Advanced Theory and Practice in Teaching Secondary Methods (3 Hours)

SEC 511 - ESL Concepts for Secondary Teachers
(3 Hours)

University Content (3 Hours)*

SEC 528 - Secondary School Organization (3 Hours)

SEC 521 - Seminar on Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (3 Hours)

* Ideally, university content courses will be completed during the initial Summer and Fall semesters. However, content courses can be completed during the second Summer semester. We do not recommend students take content courses during the internship semester.

MAT candidates are required to enroll full-time and complete the program as an interdisciplinary cohort. The program begins each May, Summer session I, with coursework and extensive high school field experiences in Fall and Spring semesters. The program offers teacher education licensure in high school English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Program completers may earn both North Carolina teacher licensure in a secondary content area and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education degree.