Healing is not the absence of pain.
It is the decision to act in the service of your development,
Rather than your defeat.

--Dr. Jamilla Lyiscott


My Friends,

We are not okay. Let us acknowledge this painful, tragic truth. The statements we have heard from university presidents across the county, corporations, social justice groups, and most importantly, those who march to literally save their Black lives, have eloquently and powerfully spoken of the complex and horrible moment we are in. We in ITFSE echo their message. We lift the names of those whose lives were stolen as a result of a racist structure. We decry the history of systemic racism and the very real ways it lives and breathes as a poisonous smog in our present. We, your professors, fully embrace our work as hopeful educators. We challenge each of you, educators all, to prepare yourselves and participate in the work that engages the tension between this horrific history and the hope we fiercely claim. Use your power as future educators and professionals to educate yourselves and your communities about systemic racism—do not look away, rather run towards truth, so that we may ensure justice and opportunities for those we will one day serve. We are here to not only support your education, but to join you in creating possibilities for collective action towards a better, more just world.  

Here are just a few resources to inform and support the journey we must take together:



Yours in Struggle and Hope,
The Faculty of the Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education