Undergraduate Programs

Admissions Requirements

  • Current UNCW students who are not already accepted to the Watson College of Education should contact the TESL Program Coordinator to apply to the ESL minor.

TESL Add-On Licensure Courses

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Courses Credit Hours Prerequisite
TSL 265 Teaching English language learners † 3 None
TSL 326 Applied Linguistics for ESL 3 None
TSL 423 Second Language Acquisition 3 None

TSL 312 English Grammar for Teachers

3 None
TSL 417 Second Language Methods † 3 EDN 265, EDN 423
TSL 418 Assessment for English Language Learners † 3 EDN 265, EDN 423, EDN 417
Total Credit Hours 18
Students who have received a grade of "B" in both SPN 307 and 308 may substitute these classes for ENG 320.

† This course requires a field experience

ESL Minor Requirements (21 hours)

Students can receive an official ESL minor by taking the 6 ESL Add-on Courses plus 1 Foreign Language at or above the 200 level.

English as a Foreign Language (ESL Minor without licensure)

Students (English or Foreign Language majors) who will not apply to the Watson College through the licensure-only track.

There are many companies and schools outside the United States that employ native speakers of English as teachers. This field is increasingly more competitive and is called English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Having the ESL Minor on your transcript will make you more marketable when applying for international jobs. Students who wish to pursue an ESL Minor may do so by applying directly to the ESL program.