WCE Global Scholars

This is a grant from UNC-Chapel Hill as well as funds from UNCW-WCE to support the faculty in their effort to embed information about their area of study in their own course. This project supports the development of global scholars within the faculty for the purposes of embedding global concepts in their courses and encouraging them to act as mentors to other faculty.

This program helps to identify six global scholars within the faculty of Watson College of Education representing the following continents: Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe (2), and Latin America. The six faculty in this project will work together to coordinate their efforts and offer students the opportunity to focus on various parts of the world, comparing and contrasting culture, environments, language, education, politics, and history, while preparing to be teachers in the United States.

How to become a Global Scholar:

Faculty will be invited to submit a proposal to participate that should include a 1-2 page, succinct description on their interest area, and what they propose to accomplish. UNCW-WCE International Committee will make recommendations to the funder for seletion with final selection approved by all partners.


Each scholar will receive $2,000 from UNC-CH and $1,000 travel stipend to the country of study from UNCW. Scholars will be encouraged to submit a travel grant to receive additional travel money (due December 1).

Final Reports:

If chosen to become a Global Scholar, a final report that will be published is required after the project. A submission of an online interim is due by March 1, 2017 and the online final report is due September 1, 2017. This will be a summarization and compilation of the work done to show the development of the curriculum and how each objective has been met.

Past Global Scholars