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Program Overview

Study abroad in Japan provides you with education, culture, and field experience all at the same time. You will visit Japanese K-12 schools and work with the students in the classroom, learn Japanese traditional culture, visit historical and world heritage sites, and experience the modern city as well as the countryside of Japan. The courses associated with the study abroad experience are focused on comparing the education in Japan and the US, learn to integrate Japanese culture in the curriculum, learning about Japanese culture, history, and the arts, and expanding global perspective. Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate in this study abroad program. The graduate level course will provide graduate students with in-depth learning. You can earn up to 6-course credits through this study abroad program.

  • Visit Japanese K-12 Schools
  • Observe classes and work with teachers and students in Japan
  • Integrating Japanese culture in the curriculum

2018 Participating student reflection video: https://youtu.be/vbUIB9L75_E

Get more information and student videos here >


Earn up to 6 semester hours of credits

Take Comparative Education Japan-US and/or International Field Experience Japan in the Spring or Summer I

The credits can count toward your concentration or elective requirements if applicable

Tentative Dates

June 15-June 29, 2019

Application Deadline

February 1, 2019

Contact Information

Dr. Christine Liao (liaoc@uncw.edu)
Dr. Amy Moody (moodya@uncw.edu)