Global Perspective Courses

EDN 455

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EDN 529. Infusing Global Education into the Elementary Curriuculum

The Infusing Global Education in the Elementary Curriculum Course aims to develop students' understanding of and competencies in global education as it relates to the elementary grades. Students will acquire a research-based understanding of the importance of fostering children's global awareness and related knowledge, skills, and attitudes. They will compare and contrast theoretical frameworks in global education, ultimately determining an appropriate framework for their respective contexts. Lastly, students' skills in integrated, globally focused curriculum design will be fostered as they explore strategies and tools for infusing global education across the elementary curriculum.

EDN 555

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EDN 595. Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in a Global Society, K-12

This course examines the multidimensional relationship between identity, culture, teaching and learning in a global society. Teacher candidates will understand global education frameworks and issues; examine the diverse social contexts of public schools in the United States and discuss global education perspectives; describe various discourse communities; explore their own identities; understand the influence of socio-cultural factors in curriculum and instruction through a social justice framework; actively research and discuss diversity issues from historical, sociological, and political lenses; examine culturally responsive teaching in theory, research and practice; develop a social and pedagogical vision for teaching 21st century diverse learners and for preparing students for an increasingly global society; learn how to value and utilize diverse cultures and cultural experiences in the classroom; explore critical and multicultural literacy practices; apply 21st century technologies to further culturally responsive instruction; advocate for socially marginalized students; develop transformative and emancipatory pedagogy; and increase sociocultural consciousness as both an individual and educator.

EDL 662

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