WCE International Programs Committee


The mission of the Watson College of Education's International Programs Committee is to: 1) provide global and international perspectives for WCE students through the development of targeted courses and study abroad programs; 2) identify, recommend and nurture UNCW, university and school international partnerships; 3) increase opportunities for international students to study in the WCE and 4) identify resources and provide support for faculty research and scholarship.


All students in the WCE will have an international experience in their course work, field experiences, service learning opportinities or through a faculty-led study abroad experience. The Watson school of Education will be a leader and catalyst for developing internationally and globally competent K-12 teachers and other education professionals congruent with the mission of the North Carolina State Board of Education and UNCW's Strategic Goals.


  1. To advocate and support the infusion of a global focus throughout WCE academic programs
  2. To increase the number of students who have international experiences
  3. To review and coordinate all WCE International Program efforts
  4. To create opportunities for international students to study in the WCE
  5. Increase engagement with UNCW international students, international educators, visiting scholars and alumni
  6. To collaborate with local school districts to develop a K-16 approach to global education
  7. To provide information and identify sources for international scholarship
  8. To identify resources and support faculty research, scholarship and professional development around international issues and global contexts