Global Scholars 2016-2017

HilburnDr. Jeremy Hilburn
I would like to make scholarly and practitioner contacts in Australia to identify educational programs, policies, and practices related to immigrant youth.  The goals of the project are threefold: (1) increase my own understanding of the education of immigrant youth in Australia, (2) revise three teacher education courses to share this knowledge with my students, and (3) initiate collaborative research studies with one or more Australian scholars. 

Candace ThompsonDr. Candace M. Thompson
Local efforts are essential to agencies and organizations seeking to engage and support local efforts to develop sustainable and equitable education for girls. In educating girls, it clearly takes a village. With an eye to the local efforts of everyday people to create educational opportunities for girls, this project is an initial exploration to identify non-profit and NGO organizations engaged in providing girls’ education in Cambodia, and, more importantly, to learn about the work happening in the grassroots efforts they support, including curriculum materials used, and the experiences and perspectives of the people involved in and impacted by these efforts. The intended outcomes of this project include (1) building a knowledge base and understanding of girls’ education in Cambodia through connections with international and local citizens and organizations, and Cambodian and international faculty researchers; (2) developing a qualitative study that examines both materials and pedagogical approaches used in educating girls, and that centers the voices and experiences of girls and adults engaged in local efforts to provide educational opportunities for girls. (3) developing an explicit, project-based global focus for EDN 370. Gender and Education, which investigates historical and contemporary issues related to gender, sexuality, and sex education in the United States, and EDN 425 Educational Policy and Advocacy, which examines local, state, national, and international policies related to education. This global project will inform work to internationalize these courses by providing students with a global comparative focus, including gender inequality in education, the role and impact of culturally and gender responsive curriculum and materials, laws and policies related to gender education, and the role of grassroots efforts in girls’ education.

Ann PottsDr. Ann Potts
The objective of this project is two-fold to continue to work side-by-side with primary teachers in a primary/elementary school in Sub-Saharan Africa about writing and the teaching of writing, including the ways in which writing can be used to develop reading skills and produce authentic texts for children. Across the project, we work collaboratively with the teacher in implementing a writing program in which teachers and children produce culturally relevant stories that can become reading materials for reading instruction. The project will continue to provide participatory, culturally relevant professional development (PCRPD) in literacy to pre-service teachers at Domasi College and in-service teachers at Domasi Demonstration Primary School. (Pre K - 8) in Malawi, Africa. Through prior experiences in the context I recognize the need for professional development that has the potential to be sustainable. In the process of development, I work collaboratively with teacher and students in after-school sessions and in their classrooms implementing reading and writing experiences which will produce authentic texts, fiction and non-fiction, in multiple languages that can become instructional reading materials. To infuse the experience for Watson College students in the curriculum and experiences, the project is connecting our future teachers in the rural school experience at Rocky Point Elementary School. The students at Rocky Point have the opportunity to work with children who are also learning English and provide extra supports by tutoring and developing meaningful projects and literacy materials for children in Malawi. 

crawfordJade Aldemir Dr. Elizabeth O. Crawford and Dr. Jale Aldemir
This is a cross-disciplinary research and collaboration between early childhood education faculty Dr. Jale Aldemir and elementary education faculty Dr. Elizabeth Crawford to inform their practices as teacher educators. Drs. Aldemir and Crawford chose Sweden due to its internationally recognized early childhood education system that emphasizes democratic citizenship and respect for human rights; its policies that support family life; and its environmental policies and sustainable practices. They will research Sweden’s social reform efforts and sustainability initiatives, meet with Swedish faculty and graduate students, and tour prekindergarten and primary grades classrooms during their 8-day trip to Stockholm and surrounding region.

Marta SanchezDr. Marta Sanchez
Different Kinds of Seeds is a transnational collaboration with colleagues from the state of Guerrero in México to explore environmental degradation through a STEM and environmental justice lens. As that component develops and interaction with professors and students there continues and deepens, a clear model of indigenous higher education has been revealed to me, one that our state of North Carolina can learn from as we consider the future of indigenous students in our state's universities.

Dr. Carol McNulty
Middle Eastern Refugee Students in the US
The goal of the project was to expand UNCW teacher candidates’ global perspectives through an intimate educational experience with refugee students new to the United States. In an effort to “bring the world” to American teacher candidates to increase their cultural competence, teacher candidates traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to the Nahed Chapman New American Academy. There they had the opportunity to talk with teachers and administrators, and to observe and interact with refugee students and families. Teacher candidates observed in classrooms, where they experienced culturally responsive teaching practices grounded in a diverse context of students who represent over 23 counties and almost as many languages. Following the visit to Nahed Chapman New American Academy, teacher candidates met with educators from the St. Louis Public School System who shared their own experiences and reflections of working with refugee students as they were integrated into the permanent home school.

Global Scholars 2015-2016

Dr. Eleni Pappamihiel
Dr. Amanda Boomershine
Dr. Marta Sanchez Mexico
Dr. Heidi Higgins Ethiopia
Dr. Tracy Hargrove Japan
Dr. Denise Ousley-Exum
Dr. Amy Garrett Dikkers
Dr. David Gill
Dr. Elizabeth Crawford Finland