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In the age of globalization, an intimate understanding of a foreign culture is both a valuable academic asset and an enriching personal experience. As a leader in education, the Watson College of Education is dedicated to providing education students with the opportunity to work and study in schools throughout the world. See each program page to determine if you qualify to participate in the trip. International study opportunities in the WCE include:

Trips Offered:

  • Belize - May 11-June 8, 2019 Spend three weeks working with teachers and children, in grades PreK-12 in a demonstration classroom. Take what you learn into the teacher’s classroom to model good practices and share ideas. Learn how to differentiate instruction, complete authentic assessment, manage a classroom, and how to meet the cultural differences of learners. Travel throughout Belize learning about the many cultures of Belize. This trip leaves the day after spring graduation and will not interfere with any required internship or other course requirements for initial licensure. Students enroll in coursework in the Spring semester and travel in Summer Session I, following graduation. Look for interest meetings for more information. Application deadline is December 1, 2018. Any applications received after the deadline will only be considered if program availability exists.

    July 27-August 10, 2019 - Travel to San Pedro Belize to work with the community library to offer camp activities for children 5-12 years. Camp Manatee provides opportunities to learn how to develop curriculum during out-of-school time and work with a variety of children in an academic camp setting. Graduate students can help offer professional development for teachers and principals (August 5-9). See the interest video. The application deadline is February 1, 2019. Any applications received after the deadline will only be considered if program availability exists. Contact Dr. Catapano,

  • Ethiopia 
    Join students and faculty for the trip to Ethiopia this fall! It will be an awesome experience filled with learning, teaching, and adventure.

  • Ireland 
    Go to Ireland and gain exposure to the philosophy and practice of higher education in an international setting. Ride through Belfast on a bike tour of the city and see the amazing scenery of Dublin. This trip is for higher ed/grad students.

  • Japan - June 15-June 29, 2019 (tentative date); Application deadline is Feb. 1, 2019 
    Study abroad in Japan provides you with education, culture, and field experience all at the same time. You will visit Japanese K-12 schools and work with the students in the classroom, learn Japanese traditional culture, visit historical and world heritage sites, and experience the modern city as well as the countryside of Japan. The courses associated with the study abroad experience are focused on comparing the education in Japan and the US, learn to integrate Japanese culture in the curriculum, learning about Japanese culture, history, and the arts, and expanding global perspective. Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate in this study abroad program. The graduate level course will provide graduate students with in-depth learning. You can earn up to 6-course credits through this study abroad program.
    2018 Participating student reflection video:

  • London - June 22-July 2, 2019; Application deadline is Feb. 9, 2019
    Take a walk through history as you explore the streets of London while you engage with school leaders and in university settings with your British colleagues. You will shadow London’s best school administrators and executive level leaders daily and learn about the British educational system from those in charge. Discuss political movements and current leadership trends. Enjoy your evening tea as you stroll by Big Ben and the London Bridge in the evenings. Take a bird’s eye view of the city from the London Eye and watch the famous changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace for a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth departing from her home. London is a bustling city of over 8 million people with an energy felt on every street corner and an experience that will be life-altering.

  • Netherlands 
    Join us to explore Immigrant and Refugee Education in the Netherlands. Application deadline is February 23. Don’t miss your chance! Questions? Email or View our video!

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