North Carolina Teachers Legacy Hall

NC Teachers Legacy Hall

The North Carolina Teachers Legacy Hall includes ten niches depicting multiple facets of education in North Carolina: teaching tools, one-room schoolhouse, school bus, awards, teachers and principals of the year, historical timeline/current events, school desks, films that teach, and the battleship.

The tenth niche is reserved to honor donors to Legacy Hall. In addition, Legacy Hall features a bust of North Carolina educator Jay Robinson and a scale model of the U.S.S. North Carolina.

Photo of Honorees niche

< Honorees

Teachers of the Year and Principals of the Year are recognized in Legacy Hall on an annual basis. These educators are the "best of the best," giving their all each day to further the education of North Carolina students.

Films That Teach >

The cinema niche showcases films, documentaries and events with educational themes. Sit and enjoy the portrayal of the teaching profession from movie classics and history.

Films that Teach niche
Awards niche

< Teaching Awards

Every teacher has received an award, and every student has given one. Whether the award is a certificate, a flower, a bracelet or a plaque, all are priceless.

One-Room Schoolhouse >

Not so long ago, one-room schoolhouses dotted the landscape of North Carolina, with children of various ages learning together with one teacher. This partial replica will give you a glimpse into what public education was like in that not-so-distant past.

One Room Schoolhouse Niche
Tools of Teaching Niche

< Teaching Tools

See how tools of the teaching profession have progressed through the years, from chalk to overhead projectors to computers. While the tools have become more sophisticated, it is still the knowledge and creativity of the teacher that makes them effective.

Teaching News >

Follow the historical timeline laid out in the brick flooring to the current events niche, where you will read and learn about issues and challenges facing the education profession today.

Current Events niche
School Bus Niche

< School Bus

Most children, young and old, have ridden a school bus… a time for young minds to learn and shape memories.

Bookshelf of Donors >

All gifts to Legacy Hall of $10,000 or more are acknowledged on the Bookshelf of Donors. Donor support is helping the Watson College of Education recognize and honor the truly heroic efforts being made by teachers and school administrators every day in North Carolina.

Current Events niche
School Bus Niche

< School Desks

School desks from schools across time will be displayed with opportunity to sit, learn, or remember.