In an effort to provide honest, candid, and formative feedback about academic and dispositional performance to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Watson College of Education, a Performance Review is used. The process is formally activated at least once per semester, although it can be initiated at any time by an instructor. Performance reviews occur at checkpoints during the program of study in the Watson College of Education: (1) approximately midway through the coursework requirements, and (2) prior to internship or fulfillment of program exit requirement.

The Performance Review Process focuses on student performance in the following areas, as outlined in the WCE Professional Dispositional Expectations:

  1. Commitment to Personal and Professional Qualities
  2. Commitment as a Learner
  3. Commitment as an Educator to Success for All Students
  4. Commitment to Professional Leadership

A full description of these components may be found on the Performance Review form (link below).


Performance Review Graphic

  1. Concern Identified by Instructor. At least once per semester (prior to the preregistration advising period), faculty will be surveyed by the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs regarding performance of students enrolled in the programs. Likewise, the instructor may identify a concern at any time during the student's enrollment.
  2. Instructor (or partnership teacher or university supervisor) meets with student to share concern and discuss supports. The student may also choose to discuss the situation/concern with the program coordinator or department chair. The primary purpose of this meeting is to establish the concern and seek appropriate support systems such as the Learning Assistance Center or Counseling Center.
  3. Instructor informs Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs to discuss support provided to date. The Associate Dean may meet with student, program coordinator, and/or department chair if a serious concern, or pattern of concern, has been established. The purposes of this meeting are to identify additional supports needed to help the student be successful, to outline specific conditions of an academic or dispositional contract should one be needed, and to discuss consequences if contract is not fulfilled. Written records are maintained for these meetings. If the pattern of poor performance persists for two semesters, the student will be advised by conference and follow-up letter from the Dean (or designee) or the department chair to explore other career options external to the Watson College of Education.

Note Regarding Crime Convictions
At the time of application for licensure, students are asked to complete a statement and attach copies of court proceedings regarding convictions for crimes other than minor traffic violations. The Watson College of Education may deny admission based upon the background review. The state may deny the issuance of a license if an individual has been convicted of (or pleaded no contest to) a crime if there is a reasonable and adverse relationship between the crime and the continuing ability of the person to perform any of his or her professional functions in an effective manner.

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