Esports Performance and Management Certificate

UNCW’s Esports certificate program is designed for students who are interested in gaming, streaming and exploring Esports career options. UNCW students in any field of study are eligible to apply. Students may begin taking MIT courses in their freshman year. Candidates for the certificate will complete 18 credit hours of courses and applied learning experiences.

Undergraduate Courses

*Note that there is no particular order in which these courses need to be taken. You can start any semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) and take the courses in any order.

Introduction to Esports (MIT 470) - Introduces learners to Esports, the history, current state and future. Students will learn about current leagues and games in both collegiate and professional Esports leagues, qualities of a game that makes it viable for competition, describe how Esports can generate revenue, the relationship of Esports to education, ethics and critical literacy issues in gaming environments, and introduce them to the technology used in competition.

Esports Leadership, Development, and Coordination (MIT 471) - Examination of principles of leading, planning, budgeting and coordinating Esports events. Students will identify the positions needed to run an event, describe leaderships role in Esports, and learn how to design an arena/game area. They will learn how to develop a successful Esports program in educational and corporate settings.

Streaming audio and video for Esports and Gaming (MIT 472) - Designed to explore the process of streaming audio and video for Esports events and gameplay. This includes identifying hardware, software and techniques used professionally for streaming gameplay.

Esports Media and Content (MIT 473) - Examines the role of public performance rights, ethics, fundraising/sponsorship and peer communication have on Esports events. Learners will learn to connect with stakeholders, players and the community via various technologies.

Esports Coaching and Team Development (MIT 474) - Examines how to implement strategy into Esports competition by focusing on coaching and mentoring for Esports teams, students and those interested in the gaming. Learners will be able to construct teams for popular Esports games, learn players roles, and describe how to mentor individuals and teams to success.

Esports Performance and Practice Internship (MIT 498) - Internships are off- or on-campus experiences designed to provide learners with the opportunity to apply knowledge gained from courses to a professional work environment. Internships are completed under the guidance of an on-site supervisor and a faculty sponsor. (The internship can be done virtually and in a variety of settings)

Course Plan

Undergraduate courses are offered in the following order though keep in mind this may change depending on faculty availability

Fall - MIT 470, MIT 498

Spring - MIT 471, MIT 472, MIT 498

Summer - MIT 473, MIT 474, MIT 498

For more information contact 

Dr. Ray Pastore