Esports FAQ?

Will this certificate help me get into the esports industry?

This certificate is designed to provide you with several things:

  • Knowledge of industry
  • Real-world experience working in the industry (i.e. internship experience)
  • A portfolio to show your experience
    • Each course uses project based learning pedagogy so students leave each course with artifacts that can be used as part of a portfolio of work to showcase practical application of skills.
    • Sample projects might include a business plan, podcast, game stream, produced video, graphic media, tournament guide, and coaching plan.
  • An array of skills required for jobs in the esports industry and will apply to nearly any other career.
    • Search current esports jobs here at Hitmarker:
    • Sample business skills: business management, negotiation, communication, shoutcasting, media design, tournament design and management, technology management, coaching, team design, production, and more
    • Sample technology skills: streaming software (ie obs), video editing, marketing tech, hardware, software (ie illustrator, tournament management software, etc.), set ups, podcasting, green screen tech, and more.
    • See the following link for sample esports related jobs

Cost of Certificate

See the following information for total cost of tuition for attending UNCW:

If you are looking for the cost per credit hour, please see the following link:

*Most students would fall under the DE (Distance Education) category

I am already a student at UNCW how do I sign up?

First, you can simply sign up for courses asap!

For graduates, you need to apply to the certificate program.

For undergraduates, you need to do the following:

  1. Consult with your advisor.
  2. Log onto MySeaport and click on the Academics tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the "Major Declaration/Curricular Updates" link, located under the Student Services menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Read and follow instructions to declare a minor.
  5. Click "Add minor/ cluster" link. Make selections from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click "Submit Changes" button.

Can I enroll in this certificate program if I am not a UNCW student?

For graduates, yes. Simply complete an application.

For undergraduates, you do need to be a UNCW student. So you do need to apply for UNCW, declare a major, etc. *Please check back for updates on this*

Can I enroll in the certificate or take these certificate courses or if I have another major?

Yes! This is a certificate so think of it like an add-on, extension, or minor. You can enroll in courses and enroll in the certificate. Many of our students are in other majors across campus and getting this certificate along with their major.

Is this program online?

Yes you can do this program 100% virtually

How would I do an internship online?

Easy. There are many options for this. Even if you are working full time you can still complete the internship. We have many students that have successfully completed virtual internships.

Are there events on campus?

Yes, we have esports tournaments on campus that you can participate in, compete, and help manage

Are there teams at UNCW?

Yes, currently there are teams in League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Valorant, Smash, and COD. We are trying to form other teams as well. You would be more than welcome to join one of our teams or even start one! Please contact us via our Discord server if interested in our teams.

If I am a student at UNCW but not enrolled in the certificate, can I just enroll in one course I am interested in?

Yes absolutely!

Do I need to take these courses in a particular order?

No. You can take the courses in any order.

Do any of these courses have prereqs?

No, you can take any of the courses in any order at any time. To enroll in the internship though you do need to be enrolled in the certificate program.

How do I find these courses in SeaNet?

If you are having issues, search 'Instructional Technology' or 'MIT'.

Can I enroll as a freshmen or transfer student?

Yes absolutely! There are no prereqs. You can enroll at any level.

Are there experience opportunities on campus?

Yes there are. We have tournaments, teams, a club, etc. and UNCW Esports needs help with all of it! Students in our courses are able to help run events, stream, manage teams, etc.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered in the following order though keep in mind this may change depending on faculty availability

Fall - MIT 470/570, MIT 498/575

Spring - MIT 471/571, MIT 472/572, MIT 498/575

Summer - MIT 473/573, MIT 474/574, MIT 498/575