• Are you interested in exploring a career in Esports? In this program you will build an extensive portfolio and gain industry experience through projects and internships.

• Do you want to learn how to stream video (to services such as Twitch or Youtube) or create podcasts? Manage, design, and market an event? Coach a team? Be a TO? Or learn the business and investing opportunities around esports?

• Are you looking to introduce an Esports program in your school or district?

• UNCW’s program is the first of its kind in North Carolina and among the first in the nation!

In fall 2020, UNCW introduced two Esports certificate programs:

WCE’s certificates are designed for professionals interested in a career in the rapidly growing field of esports, K-12 educators looking to start an esports program in their school or district and UNCW students in any field of study who are interested in gaming, streaming and exploring esports career options. Participants will grow knowledge and skills needed to lead esports teams, create esports and gaming content and media, incorporate esports and gaming into education, and design and manage esports programs and events.

Esports Program Highlights

  • UNCW’s program is the first of its kind in North Carolina and among the first in the nation
  • Curriculum is based on the model developed by the North American Scholastic Esports Federation, gaming professionals, and industry leaders to meet the needs of a growing esports workforce
  • Program is designed to provide you with real world experience and a portfolio
  • Dedicated faculty bring expertise in gaming, game design and coordination of esports events
  • The programs feature a flexible online instructor-led format, designed to accommodate working professionals and on-campus students
  • The program provides an in-depth foundation in esports so that learners are able to apply their knowledge to real-world events, their future careers and organizations interested in an esports program

Undergraduate Program

UNCW students in any field of study are eligible to apply. Students may begin taking MIT courses in their freshman year. Candidates for the certificate will complete 18 credit hours of courses and applied learning experiences:

  • MIT 470: Introduction to Esports
  • MIT 471: Esports Leadership, Development and Coordination
  • MIT 472: Streaming Audio and Video for Esports and Gaming
  • MIT 473: Esports Media and Content
  • MIT 474: Esports Coaching and Team Development
  • MIT 475: Esports Performance and Practice Internship

Graduate Program

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply. Candidates will complete 18 credit hours of graduate-level courses and applied learning experiences:

  • MIT 570: Esports Fundamentals
  • MIT 571: Esports Leadership, Management and Coordination
  • MIT 572: Streaming for Esports and Gaming
  • MIT 573: Media Design and Development for Esports
  • MIT 574: Esports Coaching, Mentoring and Team Development
  • MIT 575: Esports Performance, Management and Leadership Internship

Apply here:

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall - July 1
  • Spring October 31
  • Summer 1 - April 15
  • Summer 2 - May 15

Program Coordinator

Dr. Ray Pastore