Ed Leadership Student Research Travel Award

The Educational Leadership (EL) Department in the Watson College of Education is a diverse and dynamic group of educators and scholars committed to improving leadership at all levels of education. Through our teaching, scholarship, and service, we facilitate understanding, research and implementation of practices that promote social justice, global perspectives, creativity and innovation, and capacity building - practices we believe are essential to educational leadership. 

EL Student Research Travel Award:

The Educational Leadership Student Research Travel Award is designed to reward excellence in scholarship and increase the visibility of UNCW's graduate programs and research. The EL department will offer each year, as funds are available, an opportunity for students to request funding for travel to conferences, specialized training, and scholarly events. The faculty would like to support students in their efforts to be academic scholars in the field of educational leadership through student presentations of original, creative research or projects at conferences.

Students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate School first and the Ed Leadership Student Research Travel Award will supplement an additional $750.00 for each event.  You can find information about the Graduate School application at the following link: https://uncw.edu/gradschool/currentstudents/travelaward.html

A student can apply as many times as they wish during the academic year. The application opens in the Fall of each year and remains open until all funds are exhausted for each academic year. The funds, once granted, must be exhausted before May 1 of each calendar year. In the event of limited funds, preference will be given to applications from students beyond their first year of graduate study who did not receive travel allocations in the prior year.

  • Students must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree.
  • Travel should be to professional conferences in which the program is of direct relevance to the student's academic/research area.
  • Applications will be reviewed for conference proposals that are accepted for presentation at a conference.
  • If a presentation is the result of a group project, each student will have to submit separate applications to receive a travel allocation for a single presentation.
  • To be eligible to receive the allocation, the student must submit proof of project, paper acceptance, or evidence prior to traveling.
  • Full allocations do not exceed $750 per applicant.
  • Proposals should be submitted as early as possible.

To apply, the student must be enrolled in one of the programs in the Educational Leadership department. In order to be considered for a travel award, please complete the application by clicking on the following link. You must also submit a copy of your letter of acceptance. You will submit the letter of acceptance to Mrs. Kerri Fowler, (fowlerk@uncw.edu) Administrative Associate for Educational Leadership.

You will be asked to provide a written or video summary of your experience upon your return.

Reimbursement: Before departure, please speak with Mrs. Fowler to ensure you know the proper procedure for submitting receipts for reimbursement. This is the responsibility of the student to ensure that receipts meet specifications for UNCW travel reimbursement.