School Administration Licensure Only Program

To be eligible for consideration for the add-on licensure option, candidates must have:

  1. A master's degree from a regionally accredited university
  2. A minimum of three years of teaching or other professional education experience
  3. A current North Carolina educator's license


  • Apply as a non-degree graduate student,
  • Attach a written statement of interest,
  • Attach the summative evaluation from last year taught,
  • Interview with MSA faculty

Program: 9 credits of course work plus 15 credits of internship

License only students must take 12 credits of coursework outlined in the existing MSA Program. In addition, 15 credits internship are required ( EDL 569, EDL 570, EDL 571)

Program of Study (24 hours total):
Candidates must complete 9 hours of coursework plus a 3 hour required Pre-Leadership
Internship course beyond the initial master's degree from selected courses in School
Administration followed by the administrative internship. Courses will be identified in consultation with the advisor based upon the candidate's background, previous graduate work, and teaching/leadership experiences. These may be selected from the following:

Pick three of the following courses (for a total of nine hours) *HM refers to Hallmark
NOTE: It is recommended that students pick courses with a HM as add-on students will still be responsible for completing all HMs for their e-Portfolio (See Handbook for specific information on all HM projects)

EDL 513 Organizational Theory & Leadership HM 5 (3)
EDL 514 Technology for School Leaders HM 3 (3)
EDL 568 Program Design and Evaluation HM 6 (3)
EDL 512 Legal Issues and Policy as a Systemic Process (3)
EDL 530 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment HM 1 (3)
EDL 566 Supervision & Teacher Evaluation HM 2 (3)
EDL 526 Managerial Leadership and Administration HM 4 (3)
EDL 523 Research (no longer an MSA class, but can be an elective)

The following internship courses are required (for a total of fifteen hours):
EDL 569 REQUIRED Pre-Leadership Internship (3)
EDL 570 Internship: Leadership Applications I (6)
EDL 571 Internship: Leadership Applications II (6)
All students must complete the e-Portfolio Defense (completed at end of EDL 571)

Exit Criteria:
  1. Successful completion of coursework.
  2. Presentation and oral defense of comprehensive electronic portfolio.


Add-on Licensure Record of Progress

Course Offerings