Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a specific order in which I need to enroll/take courses?

No. Ideally it is best to follow the prescribed program of study; however you can enroll during any semester and select any courses that are available during the semester.

2. Is the course load/schedule flexible?

The course load is flexible and is based on your enrollment status (full-time vs. part-time). Click here to view the program course of study for the full-time vs. part-time option.

3. How is your program delivered?

Our program is completely online. Each course is based on the course requirements and the instructor. Courses can be in either synchronous (logged on at the same time), asynchronous (you log on at any time); or a blend of both. You must have access to the Internet with a computer that is capable of downloading documents, video, and audio clips. Some courses may have other requirements but this will be provided to you at the onset of the course in the syllabus.

4. I read that both MSA and Add-on students must complete the Hallmark e-Portfolio. However, it seems that Add-on students only take 3 of the 6 HM courses, is this correct? If so, do we need to still do all 6 HM e-Portfolio entries or do we only do 3?

ALL students must complete the Hallmarks regardless of whether you are a Master's degree level student or just seeking licensure in school administration. ALL students must complete the Hallmarks for the e-portfolios. Students in the Master's program will complete the Hallmarks in the courses.


These are three different internships and taken at different times. MSA students and add-on licensure students must complete ALL three internships. EDL 569 is only offered in the summer (at an "other" level elem, mid, or high-- from where the student will take 570 & 571); EDL 570 is only offered in the fall and EDL 571 in the spring. The typical order is starting with EDL 569 in the summer, followed by the fall (EDL 570) and spring (EDL 571) internships (though exceptions can be made in terms of order). The EDL 569, 570 & 571 courses allow for quality internship experiences, including at an other level (EDL 569). The only exception is Principal Fellow students, who, as full-time students, will take EL 570 and 571 at different placements/levels; instead of EDL 569, Principal Fellows will take a 500-level with MSA coordinator approval (click "Principal Fellows" link for more info on the program).

6. I have heard about the shorter EDL 569 "Pre-leadership" summer internship. How is that different from the fall and spring semester internships?

a) EDL 569 is completed at a different grade level and at a school other than yours. EDL 570 and EDL 571 are completed at your home school so you can complete the majority of your internship where you work.

7. When are your application deadlines?

See information about deadlines and other items at the Graduate School link.

8. If I am not sure which Master's program in your department is right for me, what should I do?

If you aren't sure, you can apply as a non-degree seeking student and try a few classes. You can take 9 hours before declaring a major. Please contact the program advisor to discuss your goals and reasons for wanting to pursue an advanced degree prior to enrolling.

9. How long will it take me to finish the program?

Usually it takes two years to complete the MSA degree program. There are many variables that impact program completion that include, number of courses you take each semester, whether or not you take classes in the summer, whether you have transfer credit, or if you decide to complete a thesis.

10. How much are tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees are established by UNCW at the end of each academic year for the following year. Please see the student accounts pages for the most current information.

11. Are there scholarships available to help me pay my tuition?

Please contact the UNCW Financial Aid Office. Make sure you identify funds that support graduate studies.

12. Can I transfer credits into the MSA Program or School Administrator license add-on program?

Yes, you can transfer in up to six graduate credits. To apply for transfer credit, please fill out the form available on this page and send to the program coordinator for approval.

13. On my transcript, I realize that my EDL 569 credit only shows as "2 hours" yet the course is a 3 credit course. What do I need to do?

If you previously took EDL 569 as a 2-credit course, please note that the course has been changed to a 3-credit course requirement, effective fall 2012. You need to register for one additional credit to make sure you have the 24 credits you need for the add-on license or the 36 credits you need for the degree program. This course will be an EDL 591, 1 credit, and will include no additional course work as you have completed the requirements for the 3-credit, EDL 569 course, however, you only paid for and received 2 credits for the course. The only other option is if you earned additional credits during your program, perhaps for an add-on license in CIS, you can use one of those credits to equal the 24 or 36 credits you need. If you need the additional 1 credit for EDL 569, complete this form including name, UNCW number, and signature and send to the MSA coordinator.

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