International Internship

UNCW’s Higher Education at Maynooth program provides students with meaningful internship opportunities to practice administrative and leadership work, conduct assessment or research based projects, or develop educational or social programming for student and academic service units at an international institution of higher education. Interns work alongside international colleagues in applied experiences that augment their existing skills and experiences. Program objectives include gaining awareness of how Irish history and culture influence contemporary Irish life, including higher education; developing an understanding of the organization and practice of higher education in an international context; and comparing the needs of Irish and U.S. students and the services developed to support their engagement, development, and learning.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Good judicial Standing
  • 3.0+ GPA at time of application
  • Completed 9 credit hours in M.Ed. or Ed.D. Higher Education Program
  • Letter from employer
  • Personal Statement
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